Captain's Log
28 July 2010

Day 4 Magnetic Island Departure

Ahoy there everyone, We had a great night at anchor in beautiful Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island with the wind and swell abating overnight. Wakey wakey at 0630 saw everyone up on deck for a scenic sunrise and early morning activity prior to breakfast and the morning brief. Happy Hour (cleaning stations) was then conducted to an exceptional standard which made both the Sail Master Taffy and myself very happy that the ship was being looked after so well. Prior to lunch Joel the Navigator presented his Navigation brief and proved to all that in fact the earth was not flat but round, the rest of the Staff Crew are still out on this theory and said that next he would be telling everyone that mermaids didn’t exist. At lunch Chef Adrian out performed himself as usual and provided a superb selection of fine cuisine. After lunch the Youth Crew proceeded ashore in the ships boat to hug a tree and play sport on the beach, concluding with a sensational cool off swim.All Youth Crew had returned to the ship by 1600 when Taffy due to the fine weather decreed that it was washing day and everyone energetically hand washed their clothes and hung them out to dry. The evening saw Taffy, Watch Officer Kenny and myself give Chef Adrian a well deserved break by cooking the famous ���teak deck BBQ’. Once all the ice cream cones had been demolished, the Youth Crew conducted a three way talk activity which enabled them to learn a significant amount about two of their selected shipmates and then present that information to the rest of the ships crew. Once three way talks had completed the ship weighed anchor at 2021 and proceeded under sail shaping an overnight course to the North for Orpheus (Goolboddi) Island. The watches will each conduct a ���Bear Exercise’ tonight which is designed to challenge the Youth Crew with an unfamiliar team task, I wish them luck.Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Damien


18° 56' South / 146° 50' East


Scattered Cloud, Wind SE 15 knots, Swell SE 1m, Temp 24, Barometer 1018