Captain's Log
V03/20 Melbourne to Adelaide
2 March 2020

Day 4 – King Island

Ahoy shipmates…we made it, Bass Strait done and dusted (for now). After our bumpy crossing we arrived off Naracoopa, King Island just before sunrise, much to the joy of the youth crew…and a busy day ensued…but I’ll let Josh and Ella fill you in on the details. It will be another early start tomorrow (0630) as we commence the next leg of our odessy…next stop Robe (or Kangaroo Island…depends on the weather). I anticipate some square sail action…what a square rigged tall ship does best! That’s it from me, until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny
Captains Log Day 4
Last night was a hectic one! Red watch started from 2000 to 0001; spending most of it VERY seasick. White watch then took over for the second part of the night – on our way to King Island. The weather was brutal; each Watch battled the elements as they practiced navigation and kept the ship safely on course – keeping eye out for any land or potential collisions. Blue Watch concluded the night with a safe anchorage in Sea Elephant Bay, King Island. All Watches passed the night by staying alert, cracking riddles and getting to know each other with a bit of music from DJ Jerome.
Today we got to enjoy a pleasant trip to King Island (actually part of Tassie). In the morning we were feeling much better! Though a bit sleep deprived, we carried on and made land for the first time after leaving. It was a spectacular day. Ivanka ferried us in her sea Uber, where we were greeted by our lovely bus driver – Jimbo! First we went to the town (Currie), for a spot of baked goods and barista-made coffee (love). Then we went for a drive to the light house and on the way Jimbo showed us a local dog breeder. It was quite extravagant! Jimbo pulled up to a man’s house, tooted his horn, and out of nowhere, not one, not two, not three BUT TEN dashingly white Maremma’s (Italian sheep dogs) emerged to greet us.
We arrived at the lighthouse and took some photos. Then made our way to the much awaited cheese factory where we ate and got fat. Ella’s favourite cheese was BY FAR the smoky Cheddar, whereas Josh’s was the Endeavour Blue (very much matched to the flavor of our expedition). Many bought cheeses, to take home to our families – finger crossed they make it home well (Keely the chef is very kindly letting us store them in the fridge). The afternoon was filled with a few very intense rounds of card games, including: black jack, speed Uno, and cheat. Then we were treated to a DELISH Mexican din dins where everyone agonized over further riddles. Then we finally did our three way chat games, which involved getting to know each other a bit better!!!  We all had to know facts about two others in a group (like age, hobbies, home town, fun facts) and presented a person (in our small groups) that was randomly selected by the staffies. It was good fun!
Tonight, we remain at anchor off King Island. All watches have to do one hour anchorage watches (shifts), which involves keeping an eye out for the anchor, wind speed, listen for maydays, and fend off any pirates all by ourselves! It’s all good, Jerome has trained us. Special shout out to the staffies for being wonderful as usual and also our families reading back at home.
Ella and Josh 


39 54s / 144 07e


Wind: S at 10 knots Weather: Fine and cool Sea: Mild Location: At anchor Sea Elephant Bay off Naracoopa, King Is.