Captain's Log
V15/19 Eden to Sydney
12 March 2019

Day 4 – Jervis Bay and Sailor’s Beach!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 4. After a steady night of sailing up the coast we have made it to Jervis Bay. And a busy (and windy) day it’s been. As I write the wind has finally started to ease…should make for a restful night at anchor. Tomorrow we depart for the next leg of our journey, probably aiming for Broken Bay in a couple of days…weather dependent. That’s it from me…over to the youthies. Until tomorrow, fair wind, Captain Kenny.———-
Cams log day four!!!
Starring Darcy, Nate and Steph!!! What did we get up to today? We sailed past Point Perpendicular and in to Jervis Bay at 0745 to perform rotational tacking stations. We had up to 25 knots of wind and were travelling at 8 knots utilising the Main Sail, Main Staysail, Fore Staysail and the Jib. After successfully furling all sails, we anchored next to HMAS Creswell just inside the breakwater. Today was our first day on land since the beginning of the voyage.
A few fun facts about Jervis bay: the sand at Jervis bay is the whitest sand in Australia with the highest silica content and every grain is uniform in size! (according to Harry). Captain Cook never actually sailed into Jervis Bay as he was not sure that he could tack back out, so instead, he went straight past . Captain Cook named the bay after his mate, Admiral Jervis because why not? Jokes, it was because he was a famous naval hero.
After landing at Sailors Beach and then visiting the canteen at the navy base HMAS Creswell, we had some compulsory fun! (forced by Baggaz) This consisted of two ropes tied together and some weight lifting. We also competed as watches in 2 rounds of dodge ball – this was incredibly fun. The staffies took out the first round, however blue watch finished them off, tehehehehe. post this intense game of dodgeball, everyone went for a swim in the cool turquoise waters of the bay. What a refreshing way to cool down after this vigorous exercise.
After about 4 hours of time on land and hugging trees to cure seasickness we headed back for the boat to compete in Horto’s rope races. We played the ‘game without a name’ (using uckers pieces – see how far we could put it out ahead of us in the push up position and then jump back up…. It’s surprisingly fun) which was closely followed by a cheese platter and a dinner.
Our plans had to slightly change for dinner. There was a little too much wind to have a BBQ on deck so instead we took it to the galley with most of the youthies eating up stairs. Thanks Keels for your flexibility, you are the best!!. We also played our first game of Trivia, unfortunately the staffie’s took it out by 1 point (so close… yet so far). We also had a chat with Harry about how we conduct anchor night watches, giving the youthies their first taste of real responsibility over the ship. We’ll keep you posted, let’s hope the ship is safe in our hands.


35 07s / 150 42e


Wind: W at 8 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Location: At anchor off Sailor's Beach, Jervis Bay.