Captain's Log
V12/21 Gladstone to Brisbane
9 September 2021

Day 4 – Hervey Bay

Dear readers, ahoy there! Day 4 started at 0000 for some youthies finishing their anchor watches with the last watch finishing at 0600. We were then awoken with the song Banana Pancakes and Keithy calling us up to midships with an early morning game of match it to get our minds awake, with Reggie winning the first round and Amedy winning the second. Keithy then shared the plan for today (which was interrupted by a very close whale sighting!) but it involved finally going ashore to Fraser Island. Us youthies were very very happy! So after a yummy brekky supplied by the amazing Keely (sprinkles on pancakes are always a good idea), we grabbed our togs and towels and took the boat ashore to have some fun on the beach. After several rounds of dodge-ball and Tug-o-war (with the Bluies winning absolutely everything!!!) the youthies and staffies took a dip in the chilly ocean. Was a well-deserved and rewarding morning (thanks Keithy!) and fortunately we didn’t have to use Emma’s dingo call. Matty then took us all back to the boat where we showered and enjoyed yet another wonderful lunch from Keely (nearly everyone headed back for seconds). Sails were hoisted and we headed into Harvey Bay. Happy hour was performed to perfection during this sail despite the slant of the boat we were working with. After the usual rounds of card games involving Uno, Captain Adam Charlie Farley shared his wisdom with us surrounding all sorts of Sail Theory, a well needed lesson (us youthies are well on our way to becoming salty sea-dogs). Dinner was served and a delicious berry crumble for dessert was demolished by all staffies and youthies (Keely you seriously are amazing!). Youthies were then called to the deck where we spent the next few hours climbing aloft, tacking the ship and setting and furling sails. It was a very worthy and rewarding effort, however tiring so as soon as the ship was on track everyone hit their racks, except the Bluies who were on first watch. Has definitely been an enjoyable yet long day, but once again filled with heaps of laughter and smiles as we all continue to grow and develop our seamanship. Thankful the weather has stayed well and looking forward to the next few days. Missing those from home, goodnight from your Bluey youthies Jesse and Amedy 🙂