Captain's Log
V02/19 Melbourne to Sydney
20 January 2019

Day 4 – Farewell Bass Strait, Dolphins and Seals!

Ahoy Shipmates…well, another magnificent day at sea. Overnight we made our way across the northern edge of Bass Strait and as I write we are about 70nm south of Eden, our destination for tomorrow. As disclosed below, the Youth Crew have been kept pretty busy. We have enjoyed following conditions all day enabling us to set a full press of sails, including all three square sails…nothing like sailing a tall ship! The wind has gradually eased and we are currently motorsailing to ensure we arrive in Eden mid to late morning tomorrow for our first overnight anchorage. All is well…sun, sails, wildlife, and the Youth Crew have settled into life at sea. There is nothing left for me to say other than ‘over to you ladies’. Fair winds…Captain Kenny.

Day 4 – Sailing
Following a full night of watches, which involved climbing the foremast and setting all three of the STS Young Endeavour’s square sails, the first time this voyage, we were woken by a joyous rendition of “Pumped Up Kicks” sung by Red Watch.
0900 brought about the best morning brief to date, with multiple celebrity visits including ‘Salty the Sea Dog’, ‘Lady Renford’ and ‘Sailor Jack’. Salty told us the history and tales of ships’ figureheads’, which were accompanied by ‘S.H.I.T house Productions’ actors. To round off the brief, ‘Nana’ payed us a visit, bearing “gifts”, which to many youthies seemed all too familiar. In return for her kind acts, she requested a song and dance about the sea to be performed by the whole crew.
Happy Hour cleaning ran smoothly as per usual, but towards completion, was disrupted by a pod of dolphins; which provided a fantastic start to everyone’s day!
Our main lesson for the day, taught by watch officer Ian, was about ‘Rules of the Road’ (Sea). After some stunning chalk murals at midships, we re-enacted a live passing of two vessels (Fenders), which culminated in a thorough understanding of the rules.
The afternoon consisted of ‘Rope Races’ round 2, a similar concept to yesterday’s games with the alteration of locating specific lines and their corresponding sail. In an absolute blowout, White Watch sailed into the lead; a result of their lunchtime study sesh. Many other games followed, contributing to the watches point tally, including banana eating races and best recreations of iconic TV commercials.
Once again, Zac’s AMAZING food made sure we were all full to the brim, with delicious meals of baked salmon with salad and a Sunday night roast, topped off with unbelievable golden syrup dumplings and ice cream…mmm yum!
As the day came to a close, we were treated to more wildlife sightings, a highlight of which was a seal swimming alongside the portside of the ship. White Watch leader Blake (Ba-Lar-Kay) wanted everyone to know that it gained his ‘seal of approval’.
Another night of sailing tonight, will allow us to reach anchor tomorrow at Eden.
Love to home from everyone onboard – we miss you!
Georgia and Olive (White Watch)


37 58s / 149 27e


Wind: W at 8 knots Weather: Warm and Sunny Swell: SW at 1.0m Course: 050T Speed: 5 knots Location: Off the far NE coast of Victoria