Captain's Log
19 June 2016

Day 4 – Challenging Conditions


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 4 of our voyage. Well our plan to get into Platypus Bay to anchor this morning didn’t work as the revised forecast had the wind backing to the north then the west later in the day which would have put us on a lea shore and given the unknown strength of the low pressure system which was due to pass over us today we decided to remain at sea within the confines of Harvey Bay and wait for the conditions to improve before going to anchor.

This proved to be the right thing to do because throughout the day we have experienced horizontal rain and wind gusts of up to 45kts which has challenged all of us and meant that we have spent the majority of the day setting then reducing sail and getting extremely wet. Despite these conditions I think that our crew have enjoyed the experience and now have a much better appreciation of the weather and the forces of ‘mother nature’ that effect you when you are sailing a ship of this size.

Following an eventful day with plenty of exciting sailing we finally proceeded to anchor just to the north east of the township of Harvey Bay at 1940 this evening. Once safely at anchor the Youth Crew were mustered in the café and given a brief on keeping the ship safe while at anchor prior to settling into anchor watches overnight.

The time is now 2100 and our plan is to remain at anchor overnight then if the weather permits ferry everyone ashore tomorrow so that they can enjoy a good leg stretch on ‘terra firma’ prior to continuing with our voyage north.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Latitude/Longitude: 25 13 S / 152 43 E


Currently at anchor in Harvey Bay and experiencing moderate 10-15kt WNW winds with a .5m NE swell. The current temperature is 16 degrees.