Captain's Log
26 November 2010

Day 4 – Back at Sea

Hi Everyone, This morning was overcast with a slight chill in the air. Following our Early Morning Activity at 0630 it was decided to start the day with a YOUNG ENDEAVOUR alfresco BBQ breakfast served on deck followed by a rather cool early morning swim, which surprisingly just about everyone participated in. At 0820 all of the Youth Crew were ferried ashore were they were given two hours of free time to stretch their legs and explore the historic township of Robe. By 1115 everyone was back onboard and once boats had been recovered the anchor was weighed and YOUNG ENDEAVOUR departed Guichen Bay. This afternoon following cleaning stations and lunch we conducted the second round of rope races then gave the Watch Leaders some time with their watches to consolidate some of their newly acquired mariner skills. During this time the bridge staff were kept extremely busy manoeuvring the ship through a maze of crayfish pot floats which were located along our navigation route. Once clear of these floats a new course was shaped for King Island which is planned to be our next anchorage. Overnight the focus for all of the watches will be to consolidate their navigation and sailing skills. Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


38° 6' South / 139° 53' East


Currently located 50nm to the south of Robe and experiencing moderate to strong ESE winds with a 2m SW swell