Captain's Log
9 December 2012

Day 4 – At anchor Ulladulla

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 4 of our voyage. During the early hours of this morning the wind moderated to less than 8ks which regrettably meant that we had to start main engines and motor-sail. By 0930 we were located 2nm from Ulladulla so all sail was handed in and we proceeded to anchor just to the east of the Ulladulla Breakwater at 1000. Once safely at anchor we conducted morning brief then gave everyone an early lunch prior to ferrying them ashore to the beautiful seaside township of Ulladulla. Whilst ashore the Youth Crew were given the opportunity to reacquaint themselves with civilisation, hug a tree (great cure for seasickness), enjoy a swim or play a game of beach footy. Whilst this was occurring I hosted the local Editor of the Milton/Ulladulla Times onboard who conducted an interview and took some photographs of the ship for next weeks edition of this local newspaper. By 1500 everybody was back onboard and following a set of ‘Rope Races’ Kristy the Navigator gave her presentation on the scientific art of navigation. This evening we enjoyed a fantastic Teak Deck BBQ which was cooked by Jordo and myself so as to give Chef Squiz a night off. Once we had cleaned up from dinner we conducted a very entertaining round of three way talks. This activity enables the Youth Crew to learn a significant amount about two of their selected shipmates and then present that information to the rest of the crew. To finish the evening’s program Kristy the Navigator gave a brief on keeping the ship safe at anchor then on completion the Youth Crew settled into anchor watches for the night ensuring that everyone gets a well deserved good nights rest. At present the forecast is for a southerly change to come through tomorrow morning so we will take advantage of these conditions and head north to Jervis Bay. Highlight for today was the sighting of some Humpback whales migrating south late in the season and a playful pod of dolphins surfing in our bow wave. Until Tomorrow, Take Care. Yours Aye Captain Gav PS: Message from Youth Crew member Jess I would like to do a shout out! To Janine for her 40th Birthday! Hope you are having a great day and look forward to seeing you and Mum in a week’s time. Love you both Jess xxoxo


35° 21' South / 150° 28' East


Currently at anchor at Ulladulla and experiencing light NW winds with nil swell. Current temperature is 15 degrees.