Captain's Log
V19/18 Newcastle to Sydney
22 October 2018

Day 4 A Beautiful Day’s Sailing Under Squares

Ahoy Shipmates. After a very busy Day 3, today had a more relaxed vibe. After the usual early morning antics we departed the beautiful Sydney Harbour at around 1000, turned right, and commenced our transit to Jervis Bay. Most of the day was spent consolidating newly learnt skills (climbing, sail handling and watch on deck). After lunch the wind picked up from the north east, enabling us to set some square sails, and after round 2 of rope races and Jerome’s Navigation Brief, we spent a relaxing afternoon under sail…glorious. And pleasingly the green goblin laid low…much to the joy of some of the Youth Crew. That’s it for now, until tomorrow…fair winds…Captain Kenny…-…

Captains Log 22 Oct 18
A standard 0630 start, in Double Bay, Sydney, with a few laps of the deck. We had a fulfilling breakfast of bacon, eggs and croissants, then Kenny’s Quotes, Kenny’s confounding curiosities, and the morning brief, followed by Happy Hour – the ship became tiddly in record time (for us). The ship departed around 9am heading south. Youth staff climbed the mast and set the square sails – a first for us. It was particularly challenging for those with vertigo with the ship tilting this way and that. Routine watches were performed by the youth staff to keep the ship safe. We had the Game of Ropes, Red watch is now in the lead overall, but we all know White Watch will win in the end (not necessarily). The day ended in a relaxed fashion and now night watches have commenced. The vibe is sunburnt, tired from all our great work today, and thoroughly enjoying the experience.


34 26s / 151 10s


Wind: NNE at 15 knots Weather: Fine Swell: ENE at 1.0m Course:170 true Speed: 4 knots Location: Off Wollongong