Captain's Log
V16/19 Sydney to Hobart
29 December 2019

Day 4 – 75th Sydney to Hobart…Tasmania!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 4. We have survived Bass Strait and reached Tasmania, enjoying a very pleasant day sailing down the Tasmanian east coast in 10-15 knots of breeze, paralleling the coast at a range of 6 nautical miles…dolphins, seals and a whale the order of the day. We are aiming to round Tasman Island around 0800 tomorrow morning, then drop into Port Arthur for a few hours…all weather dependent. That’s it from me…over to Emily and Pete for the finer details. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny———-Day 4 began with a polite wake up for Red watch at 3:20am. They donned their red Musto Jackets and rallied in the dark to face the cold Tasmanian weather. They presented to the bridge to face the cold winds, and to find out that the previous watch nearly were involved in a rescue mission as a nearby vessel had accidentally set off an emergency beacon. The next watch saw only a mere three contacts, smiling and waving when appropriate, trying not to let the public know just how cold they really were. As the sun rose and the dolphins played in the surrounding waters, the smell of maple and bacon pancakes tortured poor Red watch…. With the exception of Pete who decided day 4 was the day for sea sickness. Wakey wakey occurred promptly at 7am with a beautiful rendition of “Captain Kenny had a Boat” to the tune of Old Macdonald had a farm. Following an attempt by Sos to consume a mountain of pancakes, ice-cream, chocolate sauce, berries, bacon and whipped cream, we eventually made it to morning brief. We can now see land! (finally!!) A White watch salty provided the explanation of Dutch courage, with the help of a plague hitting England. Then began Assassins Two: Revenge of the Assassins. With happy hour promptly renamed “Stabby Hour” everyone’s anxiety levels quickly lifted. Who knew we would be so scared of wooden pegs with our names on them!? After a bloody massacre, alliances were formed and a stalemate almost reached. Some enjoy the taunting more than the chase. In an effort to bring us back together, ropies round 3 commenced with Blue Watch victorious (for the time being). The extra challenge of recreating a famous Ad, saw Red Watch exterminate the other teams, as they were More Smart, More Safe, Mortein. Next came the Lip Sync Battles, with Red Watch once again believing they were thoroughly cheated as the perfectly enunciated ‘Do Re Mi’ was out danced by a sailors rendition of ‘Nutbush.’ As Red Watch now return to the bridge, the seals frolic on the Starboard side, and the mist begins to settle on another cold night on the Tasman Sea. For the Red Watch, may the game be ever in our favour.
Currently still alive 1610hrs, Emily and Peter signing out.


42 05s / 148 26e


Wind: NE at 16 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Mild Course: 190 Speed: 6 knots Location: East of Wine Glass Bay