Captain's Log
25 January 2015

Day 36 – Have Rounded Cape Horn

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 36 of our voyage. Firstly, News Flash!! We have just safely rounded Cape Horn. Finally after all of this time at sea battling all weather conditions we have made it. Making it all the more special for all of us is that it’s Australia Day and Young Endeavours 27th Birthday.  I have to keep my words short tonight as I am required on the bridge but as you can well imagine I am thrilled with this achievement, but more than anything ,I am so extremely proud of the Crew because without their efforts we would not have made it.  From all of the Crew of Young Endeavour have a great Australia Day!! And enjoy reading tonight’s Log which has been extremely well written by Reece and Grace  Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavLand Ho!!!It’s been long, it’s been cold, it’s been bumpy but finally today we sighted the fabled snow swept peaks of Tierra Del Fuego. The southernmost part of South America. We have made it.  The cry went out at around 10 from our illustrious naviguesser Paige who has managed to get us through the southern ocean and all it has thrown at us. I think all the crew has been hanging out for land as it has seemed at some points on the 28 day crossing from New Zealand that we were stuck in an endless ocean.  Land sighting was only the start of a great day starting with sun! We got a stellar sunrise and it has stayed for the rest of the day leading to fun day sprawled on the decks. A lot of games and airing out of clothes, towels, wet weather gear and people who have been couped up downstairs out of the cold for the past couple of weeks.  Joining us in the sunshine was several pods of dolphins that played around the boats performing jumps and tricks for us for majority of the day. It’s hard to believe we also reached another degree of latitude, now sitting at 56 degrees!  Along with this calm weather came a perfect opportunity for many of the tireless staffies to lay aloft and complete a full rig check and repairs on both masts and the yards … To all the parents out there, safety first! This was in line with the general theme for the day which has been readying ourselves for harbouring tomorrow. Cleaning, sorting out documents, bracing ourselves with South American pilot to board tomorrow and guide us safely through the trenches and into harbour at Ushuaia.  Land could not have come sooner as we go in to our sixth day of pasta bake and sausage curry. Even though it’s been said before commendations to Aaron for still pulling together tasty meals each day with the provisions we have left. To say we are low on supplies is an understatement. The food is almost all gone except for tinned asparagus, rice, pasta and icy poles. Our fuel is running low as well as we weren’t expecting to have as little wind as we have had sailing through the southern ocean.  To make this day even better a crazy coincidence has put us within sight of Cape Horn on the 27th Birthday of STS Young Endeavour. From all the Youth Crew aboard we wish the ship a Happy Birthday. This beautiful ship has taken us halfway around the world and given us memories we will never forget.  As I sit here writing this, eleven nautical miles from rounding Cape Horn I leave you with a snapshot of the crew celebrating this massive achievement.  Yours AyeReece and Grace    “ 


56° 3' South / 67° 2' West


Currently located 8nm to the SE of Cape Horn and experiencing light 5-10kt NW winds with a .5m swell. Current temperature is 8 degrees with a wind chill of 2 degrees.