Captain's Log
24 January 2015

Day 35 – Some Welcome Sunshine

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 35 of our voyage. During the early hours of this morning the weather moderated which was good but we still had a large confused swell to deal with which made sleeping almost impossible. Given these conditions Kenny as Sail Master decided that it was a good idea to give everyone the morning off so that they could try and get some much needed sleep. With these improved conditions has come some much needed sunshine which has really lifted everyone’s spirits because it doesn’t matter how resilient you are you can only go so long being wet and cold and us Aussies need warmth.  This sunshine has given us a chance to bring sleeping bags and other gear up on deck so they can be properly aired out and it also gave us the opportunity to give the ship a good clean.  As has become the norm every couple of days we run a Ships Quiz which is organized by one of the Staff Crew and today it was Jodie’s turn, with today\’s subject being Bogan Trivia, very original Jodie and extremely entertaining. It really is amazing how many games and entertaining things you can find to do during these long passages, which I guess flows into our Captains Log for this evening. Rather than writing a normal log the guys from Ka-bluey Watch have decided to put out their own alphabet about things that happen onboard. Hopefully from reading some of the previous logs you will be able to understand what they are describing.Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavSaturday 24th January – Somewhere in the ocean, close to land ish…The Alphabet according to the Soggy Salty Southern Sea goers.A – Aaron-cini balls, a new and tasty creation from our Master Chef Double A.B – Bogan trivia, thanks Jodie for testing our knowledge of all things Bogan.C – Cleaning! Most of the crew genuinely now look forward to Happy Hour.D – Double Duff, the term used when announcing that you have had 2 serves of dessert, tonight Matt and Julia admitted proudly to this feat.E – Engines, today we are needing a little assistance to get us across the line.F – Falling over, most of the crew and Staffies have now taken pretty good falls, some caught on camera.G – Gasket, a common aid used when tying someone’s items left behind aloft.H – Hypothermia, most watches are now fully trained and ready to act should the situation arise.I – Iceberg, just kidding – but is sure feels cold enough to sight one.J – Jumpers, that we need more of and that can’t be referred to as sloppy joes or fluffy’s following our vote the other night.K – Kenny, our very skilled and talented sail master – particularly when it comes to determining sunrise times and bearings.L – Lauren, medic extraordinaire and excellent teacher – must have something to do with her upbringing, Parents you should feel proud.M – Missing laundry items, if anyone has Matt’s socks or Grace’s thermals please send them back to us.N – Navigation, our closet point of land is no longer Antarctica, Ushuaia here we come.O – Optimistic that we will reach the Horn by tomorrow night.P – Panda dolphins, ok that’s not their scientific names, that’s their name given to them by Paige.Q – ‘Quando’ – Spanish for “When”… the heck are we getting to Argentina.R – Reece for donating some blood to the topsail, he is ok – it’s just a flesh wound.S – Sun! There has been sun all day, very much enjoyed by all.T – Tango, part of the phonetic alphabet or the dance we will bust out in Buenos Aires.U – Uckers, the tournament is in full swing, a few teams have already been eliminated.V – Vegetables, we are sad to announce that we are now out of vegetables, except for the tinned variety.W – Wear ship, we briefly sailed on a starboard tack and now are down wind sailing.X – “Xtreme” helming, a term coined after a particularly wet, windy and extremely brutal night watch.Y – YOLO – if you need to look this up, you may be too old to use it.Z – Zzz, oh how we miss thee…Yours Aye,Kieran, Michelle and Robyn (Ka-bluey) 

Latitude/Longitude: 55° 55' South / 72° 51' West


Currently located just under 200nm from Cape Horn and experiencing moderate 15-20kt WNW winds with a 3-4m NW swell. Current temperature is 8 degrees with a wind chill of -2.