Captain's Log
21 January 2015

Day 32 – Still in the Southern Ocean

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 32 of our voyage. Overnight the weather moderated to 15-20kts then strengthened again to 20-25 just after sunrise. Speaking of sunrise it is occurring for us at about 0430 then sunset at 2130, so we are getting plenty of daylight. That is daylight not ‘sunlight’ I think all of us would kill for some real sun and a warm tropical Aussie day. That said some of the crew still insist on wearing shorts even when the wind chill is -5 degrees!! Today has been one of those days with wind shifts and sail changes. Even as I write this part of the Log the wind has backed to the south west and the current watch on have just completed a ‘one watch wear’ (put the stern of the ship through the wind) and looking at the forecast this will continue for the next couple of days.  As has become the norm the Youth Crew have again taken over writing the Captains Log so please find attached tonight’s Log (including Morse Code) written by Olivia and Robyn. Enjoy!  Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav     Day 32 21/1/15 Still in the southern ocean.–. — — -.. . …- . -. .. -. –. .- .-.. .-.. ..-. .-. — .. -. — .– — -. .– . … …. .-.-.. .-..— -. .-.. -.– -.. . -.-. — — — ..- -. .. -.-. .- – .. -. –. .. -. — — .-. … . -.-. — -.. .   Just kidding, have fun trying to decipher our above message in Morse code.  You will all be very happy to know we have so much to do that provided us with a solid half an hour of entertainment. A translation will be in tomorrows log for those of you non sea goers to know what we have said.  The weather has calmed slightly from yesterdays storm but still getting around 20-25n and averaging around 7-8kn an hour. The crew are still enjoying there time on deck and in the bridge and we’re all very excited to start a new chart tomorrow that actually shows Land  Round one of the intense chess tournament has come to an end with 6 worthy competitors going for gold (or just a mintie). Uckers commences tomorrow and is set to be highly competitive now we know what the game is, if your at home don’t try and google it, its crazy.  So now after 32 days of being pushed against the cold shower wall with a freezing shower curtain getting quite friendly with us, engineer Lindsey came to the rescue. Two litre milk bottles can now be used as weights to hold the shower curtain away from us. For the first time there are cues for the new and improved luxurious showers.  We are continuing to live each day with our sleep, eat, watch, repeat routine. Based on our current eta to Ushuaia we’ve calculated we will have spent a month at sea with no land to be seen. Spirits remain high even Captain Gav commented on our on going smiling faces.  -… — ..- .-. … .- -… .Olivia and Robyn (from Ka-Blueys) 


55° 37' South / 87° 51' West


Time is 2115 and we are currently located 688nm from Cape Horn and experiencing strong 20-25kt SW winds with a 3m WNW swell. Current temperature is 8 degrees with a wind chill of -3.