Captain's Log
19 March 2015

Day 32 – Almost there…and sailing!

Ahoy shipmatesWell, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Thus I bid you farewell as this will be my last Captain’s Log (for now). Thanks to Captain Gav for sharing, thanks to the crew for tolerating me and finally thanks to all you folk on the other end…I hope my nightly ramblings over the last week have at least kept you informed, if not entertained.As Sian mentions below, today we finally cut engines and have enjoyed some majestic sailing through the Canary Islands…very peaceful. We are currently making our way up the west coast of Tenerife under sail at a leisurely 4kts and a range of 10nm…the shore lights make a spectacular sight although unfortunately cloud has obscure the snow capped peak of Pico del Tiede, at 3718m the highest mountain in Spain. Let’s hope for some clear weather during our stay. Everyone onboard is excited about our visit and after a highly informative brief on Tenerife from the lovely Vic, plans are being made by all re what to do and see…as well as some last minute brushing up on Spanish!Although my time in Command has been short and sweet, I have achieved a first for the World Voyage thus far…arrived as scheduled (sorry to rub it in Gav)…so good on me! Until next time, I wish you all fair winds and following seas.CheersCaptain Kenny (Knuckle)Captains Log – 19 Mar 15Hello to all our followers far and wide across our globe!Back again, here to regale you with the fun and mischief aboard the YE with all the WVs (World Voyages) – thanks for joining us! Another beautiful morning (I know we keep saying it…but they are beautiful…how long since you watched a sunrise or sunset? Go find one; I hear there is one of each every-day!) saw us awake to a big land mass to our north, the island of La Palma. We have arrived in the Canary Islands – and officially in Spain. By tomorrow morning we will be alongside in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, ready to discover the island comprised of Spain’s highest mountain, UNESCO World Heritage listed town, National Parks and aquatic adventures.It’s a bit cheeky, so I’m coming clean early with this admission first. Whilst I will forever say that I ‘sailed’ across the Atlantic Ocean, today has actually been the longest stretch we’ve enjoyed with both motors off – genuine sailing. That’s right – we’re moving forward purely thanks to the wind in our sails! With deadlines to meet, Voyage 3 crew keen for us to arrive in Cadiz on time and the winds against us we have motor sailed the best way possible to make our targets. Though the roll of the boat has ensued under (nearly) full sail, it is more graceful, less jolty, and quite peaceful up on the bridge and below deck. And there’s no shame in admitting that I ‘mostly motored’ across the Atlantic Ocean either, I guess…!The last few days have seen an ever-changing facial hair from the man invested in all our dietary needs – Aaron. I’d like to report he is now cleanly shaven and looking slick. Yesterday though, he reminded me of my favourite storybook character – The Lorax. And this got me to thinking about Thwants and Thneeds (Or ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ for those not Dr. Seuss-versed). The WVs often sit chatting about what we’d love from home – these things are normally food based (BBQ Shapes are my pick today) and while we are lacking nothing, these Thwants take up a lot of our thoughts.For the last month, I have lived very simply from a small selection of clothes from my backpack, 6 toiletry items, have shared 2 showers and 2 toilets with 12 lovely ladies, a bedroom with 6 and a dining room/rumpus-room/study/lounge-room with 23 WVs. Whilst occasionally my Thwants may not be available to me, my Thneeds have been met perfectly. And that’s always a beautiful reminder to have. And one I know all WVs will take away from the voyage – we all have everything we Thneed and while our Thwants can often draw our attention away from our current situation, if we look around hard enough, everything that’s vital for happiness is never far away.I guess it’s all about choice really. How we choose to see a situation, how we choose to respond to a situation and what we choose to learn and take away from every situation we’re faced with.With choices in mind – V2/15 would like to chat with V3/15 for a quick minute. This isn’t a private chat, so feel free to keep reading… Hi Crew! You are in for a treat aboard this ship and we thought we’d help out a little with our selection of Thwants that we wish we’d considered to pack back in Australia:• More hair ties/lip balm than you’d ever think necessary• Spare pair of sunnies, excessive amounts of underwear, floral Friday costumes• Berocca for sea sickness, travel calm for the same affliction• Slip on shoes that have a heel band, think crocs/Chacos (must have that heel band though!)• Neck warmers, warm head bands, balaclavas for the windy nights and days aloft• Warm Layers (bring your down jacket if you have one!), the Mediterranean may be sunny in the day but it’ll be chilly at night• Vegemite as there is no other way to be ‘as bright as bright can be’.Have fun V3/15, look after our beloved staffies and have the time of your lives, V2/15 xoxoxoIt’s been a microcosm of life aboard the ship over the past month and I often think how amazing a time an anthropologist would have observing the crews’ dynamics change, alter, morph. We’ve experienced periods of sunshine and delight on smooth seas and other times of high winds and uncomfortable seas restricting us to below decks. Hair style and facial hair maintenance has fluxed from presentable to indifferent. Friendships have transformed from cordial to overly familiar. The greatest sense of change I have enjoyed however has been that of the seasons – and how they have impacted upon the crew. Brazil and the first portion of our voyage allowed me to gain the best sunscreen-shade-hat-long-sleeve-top-induced tan I think I may ever have (seriously, this is worth noting as an absolute abnormality). The crew were always above deck in the sun or seeking the ever-moving pockets of shade, nights were balmy and any breeze or splash from a haphazard wave was welcomed. And last night as we were setting the jib, we were bundled up in full Musto waterproofs, thermals, beanies, doing all we could to avoid the waves washing up on deck. In a month we have come from the gorgeousness of summer to what often can be considered a howling winter. And what an opportunity it’s been.Not long to go now; 2 weeks and we will bid farewell to our new-found simpler lives. I hope I can take home the positive aspects of choice and change that we’ve been able to experience aboard on this voyage. I hope too that you can catch that sunset or sunrise I mentioned – and think about your Thwants & Thneeds. We never have to look far to see how great we have it.Much Love and Hugs to All,SianPS – Happy Birthday(s) to some wonderful people in my life, whos love & support mean the world to me (sorry I can’t include everyone – just the closest to this date!); Emma Q & Sandy Di C – I hope the Birthday/Housewarming is a big wonderful night. Scott D, Missing you all at YJ – I wonder what new ‘vital’ sail you’ve bought yourself? Kaeli F, my fingers are crossed you enjoy your big day from the US of A. Love you lady xoPPS – Congratulations to my dear mates Dave & Kelly Tampion who I’m assuming by now (based on due dates…) have welcomed into the world their very own sweet little button of a human who I can’t wait to lead astray, oh and love.PPPS – Mr and Mrs DJ Harry-Cheers/Cherry, Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary. You are two people I treasure having in my life and wish you the world of happiness going forward. Dan, I hope you taught Jess the Flash Mob dance as her gift. I’ll be happy to re-live the moment any day xoPPPPS – Sally and Tom Tom: Happy New Home! Can’t wait to come and sit down at Marts’ table, have a cuppa, cook some dinner and chase Tom Tom around until he falls about giggling. Hugs to you both from Aunty Arn xoPPPS – Hi everyone! Can’t believe we are so close to the end, it feels like just yesterday we were a couple of hundred miles from Rio. Can not want to hear about what you’ve all been up to and every single detail about the GP! YM&OF -Mac


28° 38' North / 16° 31' West


Wind: 350/15kts Weather: Overcast, scattered showers Sea State: 3 Swell: N/NW at 2.0metres Visibility: Good Barometer: 2016hpa falling Temperature: 18 degrees