Captain's Log
18 March 2015

Day 31 – Fun and Games

Ahoy friends one and all Welcome my penultimate Captain’s Log. Today was another good day as far as making ground east towards Tenerife is concerned. We have averaged around 7kts and are almost within sight of our goal…should sight the Canary Islands sometime in the early morning and, if all goes to plan, may achieve a period of sailing vice motor sailing for a while…ah the serenity. As described by Nic below…today was very much a day of fun and games enjoyed by all. As I write we have approx 171nm to run and interestingly, glancing at the chart (I do a spot of navigation in my spare time), we are 300nm to the NW of the Western Sahara…very cool.   Conditions should shift to the N/NW overnight which will put the wind/swell on our port beam…a pleasant change can I say from taking it on the nose, if a bit rolly…and should enhance our chances of a 1000 arrival on Friday.  That’s about it from me…over to my shipmates.  Until tomorrow,Fair WindsCaptain Kenny (Knuckle)A big ‘Ola’ to our loyal followers near and far from our new chart in the Atlantic Ocean nearing the Canary Islands.  Spirits were high this morning as we woke to a significantly greater lean to the starboard side (understandably those sleeping on the Starboard side were more excited than those on Port), and lots of movement in the Café that had everyone keeping one hand on their breakfast and the other on the ship. Thanks to some excellent planning from Kaptain Kenny, we were finally able to set the Jib, and with the Port engine on an early Spanish vacation we almost felt like we were sailing (and we look like arriving on time at the Canary Islands – two sensational outcomes from our overachieving Interim Captain).  Starboard watch took control of the bridge until morning brief and the happiest of all hours of the day, before it was time for most to retreat below decks and get involved in the games tournaments. The Uckers tournament has progressed well, with three quality teams entering the final round, Eden and Eva, Fliss and Goodie, and T-Rav and Double A (who is now sporting a rather Grandfatherly moustache is his daily shave to freedom, and who may have some questionable tactics leading to their all conquering reign). Sandy the Salty Sea Dog is hiding his head in shame, losing Uckers and 500 in back to back days. Teddy and Tom are shaping up to be forces to be reckoned with in Chess, and Dion and Nic combined for a sensational (and only) win so far in the 500 tournament. For those following Ship’s Assassin at home, the game was declared a draw for everyone’s safety after Lindsey resorted to hanging from the rafters and Bridge ran screaming down the corridor.  The afternoon continued in much the same vein, aside from an intellectual interlude lead by Shaun the all knowledgeable Engineer providing us with a comprehensive brief and walk through of all the Ship’s systems that allow us to move forward. As with all important briefs, he was rudely interrupted by a spectacular pod of North Atlantic Pygmy Dolphins frolicking on both the Port and Starboard side. The afternoon was set aside for more Ucking, plucking (the guitar strings) and ‘bucking’ of the boat as many chose to snooze in their racks. Dinner was once again an extravagant affair with choices aplenty, and Fliss showed off her amazing skill and generosity creating chocolate self saucing pudding that was enjoyed by all the ships’ company, dietary requirements and all. As I write, Starboard watch is very much looking forward to yet another spectacular sunset, but this time over the aft of the boat. (Stop Press, as I write, Dion has spotted a Rainbow amongst the ‘corpuscular’ rays, and another round of the age old sea shanty ‘Birds Eye Fish Fingers’ has begun!).  As Dion announced in Morning Brief this morning that we are now only 15 days from disembarkation I have been lead to reflect on what an amazing journey we are enjoying together on this magnificent ship. I was blessed enough to leave the sunny seaside town of Ceduna on the 18th of February in 2002 for my first voyage on Young Endeavour, and spent my 18th birthday on board challenging myself, growing and shaping my future. Now, as a more senior member of this crew, I left the somewhat more sunny seaside town of Rio De Janeiro on the 18th of February in 2015 and spent my (cough) 31st birthday on board, still challenging myself, growing and shaping my future, but with 13 years of experience and maturity that has allowed me to enjoy the spectacular growth and change in those around me.  I can honestly assure you that all our followers can be immensely proud of this amazing group of Young Australians. Whilst on board Young Endeavour, each individual has stepped up to many challenges thrown their way with a smile on their face. They have bonded as friends and shipmates, developed a culture of kindness and generosity, and always maintained their sense of humour, even in the face of extreme fatigue. I have observed a phenomenon on Young Endeavour I like to refer to as ‘Young Endeavour Plans’. These are plans that are made while pondering the vastness of the Atlantic horizons, having intriguing conversations with fascinating people, and reflecting on our lives at home and where we are going next. During the voyage I have asked many of the crew, young people and staff, what their plans are when they return to the ‘real world’. I won’t mention any of them on here for fear of shocking friends and families back home, but I can encourage you to be excited for the extraordinary things this crew are going to achieve when they return to land. Every time I ask about these plans they change, getting bigger, better, more ambitious and more inspirational.  In my own past experience, and from what I am witnessing here, a journey on Young Endeavour is so much more than an adventure at sea and chance to build friendships that last a lifetime. I find it encouraging that given the opportunity to extend ourselves, reflect and learn together we can push ourselves to think beyond our current horizons and genuinely start to imagine what could be. I can only conclude that Young Endeavour allows us the opportunity to dream, and the belief that maybe, we already have what it takes to make those dreams a reality.  Nicole Creaser. PS – Special Hi to Kez, off on your own big adventure. Have a blast! It will be an amazing trip and I am sad not to be able to see you off, but so excited to chat soon. Bon Voyage xox. Nic  PPS. Still eating all the food!! Had fantastic time in Cape Verde. Sending my love to everyone in Sydney Town. Much love to Mum and Dad ,thea and Jack and the London crew as well xxoo TED  PPPS. I’m alive! Having a blast across the Atlantic, you couldn’t imagine! Talk in 2 days in Tenerife. A big hug to Mum, Jenny and John. xx Julie   PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS. Hey there to the Griffith tribe, I am have such an amazing time here. I send much love to you all and thank you for all your prayers and love. Love ya BIG time, Love Jeremy xoxoxoxox” 


28° 19' North / 18° 56' West


Wind: NNE 15-20kts Weather: Mostly ovecast Sea State: 3-4 Swell: 220-3 to 4 metres Visibility: Good Barometer: 1021hpa falling Temperature: 18 degrees