Captain's Log
V15/18 Cairns to Airlie Beach
30 August 2018

Day 3 – Zoe Falls, Hinchinbrook Island

Ahoy Shipmates, and welcome to Day 3. Judging by their efforts over the last couple of nights, I may have to start calling this Youth crew’s log…well maybe not just yet. Another peaceful transit south overnight under moonlit skies, with the Youth Crew learning the watch on deck routines – helm, lookout, upper deck and engine room rounds, as well as some consolidation of their new found climbing and sail handling skills. And then we arrived at Zoe Bay, had a fantastic day ashore, and are now motor sailing to the south east, just to the north of Townsville…and this is where I’ll stop and hand you over to Blue Watch. Fair Winds, Captain Kenny
Ahoy there! After a huge day yesterday, we took our first watch rotations. As members of Blue Watch, we took the Last Dog watch from 1800 to 2000, and Morning Watch from 0400 to 0800. This meant we were lucky enough to see the sunset, have a full night’s rest and see the sun rise! We did plenty of work on Morning Watch, setting/unfurling the Jib and Mainsail without waking the other youth crew. We also had plenty of time for fun. All nine Blue Watch climbed aloft to see the sun rise. Unfortunately, the three whales we ordered were a little late arriving, but turned up just as we preparing for Watch hand over.
After seeing the shadow of land on our starboard side all night, the weather prevailed which allowed us to anchor inside Zoe Bay, and explore Hinchinbrook Island. We went ashore on the RHIB and GPIB at 0930, skimming the mangroves and keeping an excited eye out for crocs. We didn’t see any crocodiles, but waiting for us was a beautiful freshwater swimming hole and waterfall. We all took the opportunity for a dip and some of us made good use of the two rope swings. The more adventurous of us hiked further, to an insta-worthy infinity pool with a view over Zoe Bay. Although we wished we could stay all day, we had to make a quick departure before low tide.
On return to the ship, we were buttered up with chocolate croissants, before beginning Happy Hour (we’re still debating the accuracy of that title!). Happy Hour was followed by a presentation about navigation from Ivanka, the resident naviguru. We learnt to fix the ship’s position by triangulation, but the summary of the lesson was essentially this: there are hard things like land, try not to hit them.
With this sage advice in mind, we’re heading into our night Watches and looking forward to tomorrow’s adventures.
Blue Watch out, we’re off to get an early night before we take Middle Watch at 0000!
Jayden, Emily and Bec


18 57s / 146 40e


Wind: ENE at 10 knots Weather: Fine and clear - 23c Swell: 155 at 0.5 metres