Captain's Log
V10/19 Airlie Beach to Gladstone
28 June 2019

Day 3 – Whitsunday Peak and Tacking Stations!

Ahoy shipmates. Well after a very busy, and active, day we have finally left the Whitsundays and are making our way south, next stop Scawfell Island, just to the north east of Mackay…a very pretty spot. The wind has remained pretty strong from the south east since we left Airlie Beach…unfortunately this means we are by and large punching into it (technical term for taking the wind on the nose). The wind is forecast to ease overnight which should make life a bit easier, however we are at the mercy of the conditions…unavoidable. Jasper and Max have covered the days activities so I’ll sign off now. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Cap K.———-

Captains Log: Day 3 – 28 June 2019
Red Watch: Jasper and Max
Ahoy family and friends!
Jasper and Max from Red Watch coming at you tonight, we’re still in the beautiful Whitsundays enjoying the awesome scenery, even though we’ve been caught by the rain a couple times.
Rolling back the clock to last night, Red Watch had our first watch at 2000-2300. Great fun and big smiles all round as we braved the rain to do some sail handling on the deck and also went below to learn some sail theory and navigation with Daz. We also did our first set of “Rounds”, where we go through the ship with a checklist, making sure the wind is good, the fridges are on, and the engines are not on fire (generally frowned upon).
After a 0630 wakeup call we shot down to breakfast and shovelled some bacon into us before we got dressed and got keen for the day’s big activity: climbing to Whitsunday Peak, a cheeky 430m above sea level. Before that though, we split into groups of three for our “three-way chats”, where we had to learn as much as we could about the other two people during the hike, to be tested later when we’re back on deck. The peak itself was absolutely breathtaking and definitely worth the hike up. After a while up there and an easy walk down we were stepping back onto the deck of the Young Endeavour.
The final event of what had become a very big day was our first tacking drills. These involve the entire crew working together on our lines to move the sails into a position we can efficiently sail from. Now that we’ve got our positions we can be called to tack at any time. Whether it be lunchtime or 2am, we’re ready to jump up and heave our lines.
That’s all from Red Watch for now, we’ll be back in touch shortly. Bye!
Shoutouts from Jas: Cody and my family, I love and miss you all, keen to tell you plenty of funny stories when I’m back.
Shoutouts from Max: KJEO Building Solutions (Adelaide builder), cheers lads for convincing me to grab a berth and for the time off, I’m having an awesome time.


20 26s / 148 57e


Wind: SSE at 20-25 knots Weather: Overcast, scattered showers Sea: Moderate Course: 150 Speed: 5 knots Location: West of Lindeman Island