Captain's Log
24 December 2014

Day 3 – Weather Improves

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 3 of our voyage. During the early hours of this morning the wind moderated to 10-15kts and with it the unpleasant swell. At morning brief I was greeted by a new crew (no longer to be known as Youth Crew due to the nature of the voyage). They had colour back in their cheeks, smiles on their faces and all signs of the previous day’s seasickness had magically disappeared. Given this improved health we pushed on with the day’s program firstly with a thorough set of cleaning stations (a clean ship is a happy ship) followed by hearty lunch professionally prepared by our resident Master Chef Aaron and his two apprentices.  A short afternoon siesta followed then Taffy the ships Safety Equipment Officer gave an extremely thorough presentation and training on all of the ships safety equipment. This training will continue throughout the voyage so that it will become ‘second nature’ to all of the crew on how to quickly put on Life Jackets and Thermal Protection Suits and the actions that they need to take should we have any onboard emergency.  Following this presentation we celebrated Crew Member Connie Ross’s 19th Birthday with another amazing Birthday Cake baked freshly today by Chef Aaron. On completion of this celebration we got our resident Navy Photographer Steve to take Watch photo’s which was followed by a whole Young Endeavour World Voyage Passage One Crew Christmas photo.  Regrettably as the afternoon progressed the wind moderated to less than 10kts so we had utilize main engines and motor sail. This we can do during this passage as we will be topping up on fuel in Wellington.  The time is now 2000 and we have just finished dinner and everyone have now settled into their watches for the night. Since departing Sydney we have now sailed 312nm which is currently keeping us on track for our planned arrival in Wellington on Monday 29th December 2014.  Until tomorrow, take careCaptain Gav 


36° 7' South / 157° 3' East


We are currently located 312nm SE of Botany Bay motor sailing in light NE winds with a 1.5m ENE swell. Current temperature is 18 degrees