Captain's Log
4 November 2017

Day 3 – terra firma

Good evening All,

We had a comfortable motor sail up the coast overnight with the Youth Crew standing watch (shifts) to keep a good lookout, helm (steer), adjust and trim sails, do rounds of the Ship and/or a) sleep, b) be a little sea sick c) help those who were feeling a little unfamiliar with our first sea-time. All-in-all a good passage up the coast and despite some sea sickness a satisfied Youth Crew that entered Broken Bay at sunrise. We came to anchor in aptly named Hunger Bay as the comforting smell of breakfast filled the air. We held our usual morning routine with a little ceremony, some sea stories and terms from Salty, and of course a day on board would not be the same without happy hour. Kyle our Navigator then gave us a presentation on navigation but the proximity of land and the thought of terra firma was too much for some so we proceeded ashore at the little township of Patonga and climbed a trail to a lookout where we took time to get to know people outside of our watch. On return to the Ship we held our first session of rope races where in-turn a person from each watch would be asked to go and touch a specified item – much laughter in this non-competitive, competitive game. A dead-heat often needs a decider round such as a ‘fruit-off’ (will let the Youth Crew explain when you see them). The ‘winner’ gets a ‘prize’ at the end of the Voyage – will keep you in suspence! This evening we held three-way talks where people get to present themselves as someone else who they got to know a bit more about earlier in the day. I must admit there is definitely a generational gap between myself and the Youth Crew as they all beat me at guessing their favourite movie, book or TV show played out as a charade. I was impressed with people’s ability to do some public speaking. As we made the short passage across Broken Bay to Patonga earlier today and then back to Hunger Bay in the evening, it was evident our decision to stay in Broken Bay was paying dividends. We are positioned some 3+ miles from the mouth of Broken Bay yet we felt the effects of the swell mid-stream. The weather information is telling us of 4m+ sea/swell offshore which is best avoided if we can. The good news is the forecast has conditions easing overnight so at this stage we plan to head to Port Stephens some time tomorrow.

Until then, take care.

Dave J
Voyage Captain


33 Deg 34.8 Min South / 151 deg 16.5 Min East


SSW winds 15-20 knots gusting to 25 knots throughout the day. Slight choppy seas in Broken Bay. Barometer has settled and temperatures topped 23 Degrees and currently a mild 17 Degrees here at anchor.