Captain's Log
V16/21 Sydney to Hobart
28 December 2021

Day 3 Calmer conditions and a brighter crew

Ahoy there!
Day 3 of the Rolex Sydney Hobart on board Young Endeavour saw most people waking up feeling much better than they have the past few days – the combination of calmer conditions and getting sea legs made for much brighter and happier faces on-board.
Shortly after sailing past Eden to start the day, we had our first briefing where we were informed that many of the Rolex Sydney Hobart fleet had withdrawn from the race, which was disappointing to hear. But on a positive note, we are still (motor) sailing! Once morning brief was over we went on to the happiest hour of the day – Happy Hour – where the ship is scrubbed from top to bottom.
After lunch we had a couple of safety briefs as we were entering the more treacherous waters of Bass Strait. The briefs consisted of what to do in the event of a man overboard, and also about Young Endeavour’s safety features such as the life rafts and EPIRBs that are on board. Although Bass Strait is usually considered a rough passage of water, these are the calmest and best conditions of our voyage so far. Unfortunately this means that we are motor-sailing due to a lack of wind.
Throughout the day we have spotted a number of wildlife species including seals, a whale, sunfish, albatrosses and jelly fish. One of the returnees thought that the first sunfish spotted was a shark. Two watches were also fortunate enough to climb aloft to the lower top and watched dolphins play along in the wake of the ship.
Chef Jarod had some help from the returnees today to cook some delicious meals including chicken kievs, chicken lasagne, roast pork, apple crumble and some fresh fruit salad for dessert.
As we write this Captain’s log, we have a very picturesque sunset off to our starboard side with dolphins to accompany us which is a great start to our 2000hrs-0000hrs watch.
White Watch Representatives – Lauren and Scott
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/ 38 28 S - 149 44 E


Weather: Fine. Temp: 14. Wind: E @ 5-10. Swell: S @ 0.5m.