Captain's Log
V18/18 Brisbane to Newcastle
10 August 2018

Day 3 Square Sails,Whales (again)…and the Mighty Clarence!

Ahoy Shipmates. Well what a Day 3 we have had. After a smooth night at sea, sunrise saw clear conditions for the day ahead. Today we have finally ceased motorsailing (yeeha!) and are making our way south under sail, including square sails. We are on track for a day visit to South West Rocks, arriving early tomorrow morning. All is well and even the dreaded Green Goblin was less prevalent today as the Youth Crew adjusted to the motion of the ocean! We did a cheeky fly by of Yamba and the mouth of the Clarence River…home territory for yours truly! That’s it from me…the gang from White Watch can fill in the details. Fair Winds…Captain Kenny –

After everyone’s first set of watches last night we had a fairly staggered sleep schedule. Waking up in the morning at 7am for most of us, we relaxed and enjoyed a wholesome breakfast cooked by our own Marcus, before heading out on our first day of true sailing without the help from the engine. From this point on, the ship was under 24/7 surveillance by our rotating watch groups.
During our morning brief we had the honour of being joined by Nanna. She would return any property that the crew had left lying around. After the morning brief we moved on to “happy” hour which consisted of the happiest cleaning that we do every day. We then practiced setting and furling all the sails on the ship, including the square sails which Bagaz briefed us on. Eventually the crew worked together to put every sail up in the ship for smooth sailing.
Rope races was a new game that we were introduced to where we competed to be the first watch to find a particular item on the ship. This was an overwhelming win by White Watch, although not to the surprise of the crew.
Jerome later shared his knowledge on navigating the seven seas through the use of the compass, latitude and longitude and radar ranges. A few of us who weren’t on watch or resting on deck were climbing to the top gallant , the highest sail on the ship. While up there we had an amazing view of the ocean, many whales and a sunfish, few of which came up right next to the ship to our amazement. We saw packs of 4 or more whales together!
Currently we are passing ‘Look At Me Now Headland’ and the conditions are looking great for the next few days of sailing. We are all very excited for the rest of the voyage and its adventures.

Annika and Jack from White Watch


30 12s / 153 25e


Course: 180 true Speed: 5 knots Wind: ENE at 15 knots Weather: Cloudy Swell: SE at 1.5 metres Location: Off Coffs Harbour