Captain's Log
12 April 2008

Day 3 – Southern Ocean, IVO Cp Martin

Today Started off with a nice sleep in until 0700. Over night Young Endeavour had continued out into the Southern Ocean, with watches learning the required skills of Helming (steering) the ship and conducting rounds. Personnel also did lookout duties and continued to practise sail handling through out the night.The forenoon kicked off with the obligatory Morning brief. Every one wanted what the plan was for today. Run by the Sailing Master (SM) Jaz, all Youth Crew were introduced to ���Nana Diesel’ ��� the lovely old woman who comes along and picks up after everyone and ensures all the cabins are clean. If however you have an item of clothing picked up by Nana Diesel, you have to do something in return for her good deed and this usually involves singing a song for the enjoyment of all onboard!After lunch, all watches conducted the first round of rope races ��� a fun activity with an element competition that assists all YC to learn the names of parts of the ship and names and position of lines. After a short break, all watches then learnt what the other two watches do at ���Rotational Tacks’. This was conducted in a backing easterly of about 25-28 kts.During the Dog Watches, red and white watches set the squares and the speed over ground continued to build. As we approach sunset, we are running before the breeze with a good press of fore and aft sails and two squares set, and an average boat speed of over 7kts.Below are the comments of some of the Youth Crew:Dannielle: If there was one thing that I could say after my experiences today it would be to ���never, never, never give up��. Climbing the topgallant yard at 28 knots in the rain would seem a frightening stunt, if not crazy however when the going gets tough you can’t let it get the best of you. Yes, climbing the yard was hard but it was the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life so far. If I had not come aboard the Young Endeavour this experience would not have been so memorable. Thanks to all the crew.Ali: Were to start??? The food!! =-) simply amazing, without good food we would not have the strength to do what we have done or what we are going to do, so many thanks to the chef, Jarred. Now to Bel out team leader, soooo much patience. All in all the crew and other all amazing and would do this trip again.Laura: We’re having a whale of a time! We had a strenuous workout yesterday learning how to set and furl the sails, enjoyed some 5 star meals, thanks to Jarred, and got into some serious team bonding. In the last two days I’ve learnt more than I thought I would over the whole trip! It’s been amazing. Many many thanks to the amazing staff who have been supporting and encouraging us, especially to our radical team leader Bel and super cool captain Hibbo.Until tomorrow��_I. HIBBARDLEUT, RANVoyage Captain


37° 0' South / 139° 31' East


Rain showers. Wind E-NE'ly 24-28kts, gusting 30. Swell 1- 1 1/2 meters NW'ly. Total cloud cover.