Captain's Log
23 May 2016

Day 3 – Some Rough Weather

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Day 3 of our voyage. Overnight we continued to make good speed to the south and despite a number of the Youth Crew succumbing to the dreaded sailors curse of ‘seasickness’ spirits amongst the crew remain high.

Due to the wind backing to the northwest during the early hours of this morning the ship was called to tacking stations at 0330 so that we could ‘Wear Ship’ (put the stern of the ship through the wind), alter course to the southwest and commence closing the coast.

By 0900 this morning we were located 60nm to the ENE of Jervis Bay sailing on a beam reach in moderate conditions. Regrettably later in the morning the conditions deteriorated with us experiencing strong conditions with wind gusts up to 40kts and a very confused swell. This meant we had to quickly reduce sail and battle through these stronger conditions which we have continued to do throughout the day which has resulted in us having to postpone the majority of the day’s activities.

The time is now 1930 and we are currently located 16nm to the east of Jervis Bay still battling some strong westerly winds and a 2m swell but should hopefully enter the confines of Jervis Bay late this evening where we will proceed to anchor and give everyone some respite from the rough weather experienced during the past 12hrs.

Our current intentions are to remain at anchor tomorrow and give everyone a chance to get ashore in Jervis Bay for a leg stretch and to hug a tree which is a well known cure for seasickness.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


35 10 S / 151 07 E


Currently located 15nm to the entry of Jervis Bay and experiencing very strong westerly winds with a 2m WSW swell. Our current speed is 5kts and the temperature is 15 degrees.