Captain's Log
2 January 2010

Day 3: Some Enjoyable Sailing

Hello there everyone, Welcome to day 3 on our adventure under sail. Overnight the wind eased to less than 10 knots but allowed for a smother and more comfortable passage to the south. With the ship on a port tack, on a broad reach, we continued to use the East Australian Current (EAC) to good effect making ground to our next place of interest and exploration. With the rising of the sun and the promise of a new day many of the Youth Crew experienced a wonderful new sensation, that of being completely surrounded by an endless body of water, the vast South Pacific Ocean. Some 40 nautical miles off the coast, well to the east of our nearest point of land being either Wollongong or Kiama we enjoyed a pleasurable days sailing. The forenoon consisted of some more sail handling and watch consolidation. Then after lunch we kicked off the first round of Rope Races (it’s Josh the engineer’s favourite activity, because it’s his time, he owns all that goes on). This lifted spirits and got some life into those who had been suffering the effects of the sea. Then we clewed the squares (put them away) before the Navigator, Dutchy took the opportunity to give one of his informative presentations on all of the tricks of his trade. There were a number of opportunities to lay aloft and both sea-furl and cast loose gaskets on the square and main sails at various times during the day. Throughout the day the seas continued to be calmed and with it, the health of some of the Youth Crew who had been battling minor bouts of seasickness began to show signs of improvement. All have remained in great spirits and continue to put in a great effort.Matt has asked me to make mention of the fact we were fortunate enough to encounter Wilbur and Wallace the whales (of the hump backed variety) who passed close to the ship, Wallace even diverted to pass 20m down our side and give us a wave. It was wonderful to get up close and personal with these gentle and graceful giants of nature. At 2200 this evening we are located 26nm to the south east of Point Perpendicular and we are now on west, north/westerly course making ground back up to Jervis Bay where we intend to anchor tomorrow. All is well.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Dion


35° 22' South / 151° 12' East


Wind N/E @ 10kts with seas between 0.5m-1m