Captain's Log
13 November 2013

Day 3 – Ship Cove to Sea via Picton

G’day Shipmates,Welcome to day 3 of our adventure under sail. After a restful night at anchor in Ship Cove Sail Master Dion woke us with ‘It’s times Like These’ by the Foo Fighters at 0630 to get into action for our adventure ashore. He stimulated the bodies and minds with a quick Early Morning Activity (EMA) of a game of ‘Knights, Mounts and Cavaliers’, while the rigid hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) was launched.After showers and breakfast we put most of the crew ashore at the wharf near the Cook Monument which commemorates his three visits to the area. After observing a nearby waterfall the crew undertook a bush walk up and over the ridgeline and down the other side into Resolution Bay. By the time they arrived at the beach, ninety minutes later, the Ship had weighed anchor and proceeded the six miles around the coast to Resolution Bay and was ready to re-embark the crew by RHIB. This was completed by 1100 and the Ship then shaped a course for Picton. During the transit the crew had lunch and then did their first set of cleaning stations, which we refer to as ‘Happy Hour’.Sail Master Dion took the opportunity for some ship handling and berthed the Ship at Picton, which was challenging due to the wind and close proximity of yachts moored in the approaches to the wharf, but he did a great job. We were met by a NZ Customs Officer on arrival. Our clearance took about 30 minutes and then we took the opportunity for a quick 30 minute visit to the local Edwin Fox Maritime Museum, who generously admitted the crew free of charge. We departed Picton Wharf at 1530 and commenced our passage out of Queen Charlotte Sound, to begin the voyage to Sydney. Once again we enjoyed the fantastic scenery as we transited through this beautiful waterway, which was the reason we had arranged to clear customs in Picton. We did not want the youth crew to come all the way to NZ only to see just Wellington Harbour as we departed. All the youth crew agreed it was well worth it.We set the fore-and-aft sails as the wind allowed. A Navigation Brief and the first session of \’Rope Races\’, a competition between the watches to learn the names and locations of equipment onboard the Ship, were conducted. At the change-over of the watch from the Last Dog to the First Watch we set the first square sail of the voyage, the Topsail, and then called the Ship to Tacking Stations to conduct a Wear onto a North Westerly heading.We will continue to the NW, achieving a speed of over 9 knots until 2300 tonight, when we will round the northern tip of NZ’s south island and alter to a westerly course, which we will maintain until we reach the Australian coast.Until tomorrow evening,Yours Aye,Captain Mike PS. Keep an eye out for photos I will post from tomorrow    “ 


40° 42' South / 174° 12' East


Weather: fine and partly cloudy, Wind: SE / 26 kts, Sea state 4, Swell from the SE at 2 metres, Temperature: 14 deg. C