Captain's Log
V19/16 Fremantle (WA) to Esperance (WA)
30 November 2016

Day 3 – sea legs?

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 3 of our Voyage from Fremantle to Esperance. Well, our cunning plan to beat the weather has paid huge dividends and we have enjoyed a relatively good day on the weather front. Shortly after midnight the wind backed to the east and conditions eased considerably and fairly quickly – by 1:00 am we had put out more sail and the pitching moment had reduced to a very pleasant rocking motion. This gave us all some great conditions to get more sleep (note to self to fit hammock when back home). We awoke to a magnificent sunrise and great weather. Not quite a painted ship on a painted sea but close. With increased appetites we enjoyed a fantastic breakfast. After the usual morning routine we went to tacking stations. This allows us to manoeuvre the ship when under sail and needs everyone to ensure the proper handling of all the control lines (sheets). After a few practices we rounded Cape Naturaliste just after lunch. While we became exposed to the Southern Ocean swell again, it wasn’t nearly as short or as big as the previous evening. The predicted south south easterly wind was also not as strong as forecast. This presented us favourable conditions for passage down the south western coast of WA. As I type we have just passed the township of Margaret River, which gives its name to this famous wine, surfing and tourist region. For the wine buffs, we passed Cape Mentelle and Cape Clairault earlier in the day. Before sunset a few of the Youth Crew took opportunity to sit out on the bowsprit and observe the ocean more directly – flying fish and a sea turtle were seen. May is a keen bird watcher and reported a few different types throughout the day. The on-watch lookouts have just report a few drops of rain but the forecast is only for scattered showers and looking at the cloud lines, don’t believe we will realise any significant rain tonight – it’s cold enough thanks. Anticipate we will round Cape Leeuwin around midnight before shaping a more easterly course along the southern part of the WA coast. Given the weather conditions we will probably get some nice assitance from the wind to help us reach our next (secret) “pit stop”. More about that tomorrow. Until then all the best.

Dave J
Voyage Captain


34 Deg 0 Min South / 114 Deg 50 Min East


Weather: Sunny initially but then an overcast day with very light scattered showers developing late in the day. Wind 210 at 15-18 kts. Swell 215 at 2-2.5 m with a 0.5m sea. Temp 16C but feels like 13C. High wind-chill factor.