Captain's Log
2 October 2016

Day 3 – Making Good Speed to Port Fairy

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day three of our voyage. During the early hours of this morning the wind moderated to 10-15kts which made it a lot more pleasant than the 25-30kts that we had experienced as we transited through the Backstairs Passage last night.
By morning brief we were located 50nm to the NW of Cape Jaffa still motor sailing due to headwinds but continuing to make good speed motor sailing. Initially our original plan had been to go to anchor at Robe but given the favourable conditions that we have experienced today I have decided to push on to Port Fairy instead.
Our new crew have been kept busy today completing their first set of rope races, an informative navigation brief and finally a sail theory presentation for Blue Watch. Not all of our young mariners haven up to attending everything as they have been suffering from the dreaded ‘sailors curse’ of seasickness. Most have now recovered and looking at the amount of food eaten at dinner this evening I think that just about everyone has found their ‘sea legs’.
Being day three of our voyage I have now gotten the Youth Crew involved in the writing of the Captains Log, so please enjoy tonight’s edition written by Red Watch.
Until tomorrow, take care
Yours Aye
Captain Gav

Captains Log 10 Feb 16

Ahoy there landlubbers,
We have been applying our newfound sailing skills by putting them together with semi-competitive rope races between the watches at 1400. Victory was so crucial we had to force feed our watch leader (Tug) a banana. Well worth it in the end, rewarded with the win! Following we had an informative lecture on navigation from our resident nava-guesser Evan. Now we are pretty sure we won’t end up lost somewhere near Antarctica on our way south.
Seasickness has been running rampant through the youth crew but has yet to take everyone. We are all supporting each other and helping out where we can. We are all recovering well and replacing the food we have been throwing up with Marcos’ amazing food (we had dumplings for dessert, yum yum!!). Many a nap also helped ease the queasy tummies.
We are finishing off the dogwatch at 2000 this evening and will be up bright and early (0345, gasp!) to farewell South Australia and greet Victoria.

Sincerely Red Watch,
Eryn, Peta, Kath, Jemma, Dylan, Alex, Jacob and Jack.

Shout outs:
Hey there my fellow Novocastrians, friends, and family, all is well here in the middle of I don’t know where. I have yet to be sick (touch wood) and am slightly addicted to climbing aloft. Not missing u much as it’s amazing here ;P . Lots of love Eryn xx. P.S. Roh’ you better be looking after my boys well back home.
Hello to all my fans back home! The weather is exactly as cold as we discussed, but beautiful. I’m catching lots of photos and videos to bring back with me. Don’t eat all the chocolate before I get home! 😉 muchas love, Peta .M. xx
Hello all of my friends and family back home in Adelaide! As you can imagine it is quite cold but don’t worry I am fine. It is extremely beautiful out here watching the waves go bye and breathing in the fresh sea air. Much love, Alex
Howdy family and friends back in Tassie, and about the place! We’re heading towards Port Fairy and inching closer to home as I write. Ghastly seasickness grasped me by the belly and forced out all of Marcos’ wonderful cooking, but I wrestled back my sea-legs and touch wood I’ll be all good! Awesome company, awesome food, and awesome views! Love ‘nall’at! Dylan xx
Hi everyone! Port Fairy here we come on day 4 (all going well!). Seems like it’s been so much longer than just a couple of days. Loving the sailing and crew and staffies, everyone is awesome, although more than a little sick. Thankfully I have only been minimally sick, keeping up with the meds, whoop! Missing some special people like crazy. Hoping all is well! See ya’s on the 19th or soon after!! Love you all, Kath


37 31 S / 139 32 E


Currently located 23nm to the WSW of Cape Martin and experiencing light to moderate SE winds with a 1m SW swell. Our current speed is 6.5kts and the temperature is 17 degrees.