Captain's Log
27 July 2010

Day 3 Magnetic Island

Hello everyone, Welcome to day 3 on our adventure under sail. The ship continued sailing north overnight making good 7 knots through the Inner Great Barrier Reef on a broad reach with the wind remaining a consistent 25 ��� 30 knots and a 3m sea with scattered showers. This did not deter our Youth Crew who remained immersed in the challenge of sailing a tall ship. At the four hourly change of each watch the ship successfully conducted a wear to turn the ships stern through the wind onto a new course. With the rising of the sun (partly obscured) the promise of a new day and a cheerful wakey wakey song from Red Watch, many of the Youth Crew experienced a wonderful new sensation that of being completely surrounded by an endless body of water after their first 24 hours at sea. The forenoon consisted of sail handling and watch consolidation. Then after lunch we kicked off the first round of Rope Races (Josh the engineer’s favourite activity). This lifted spirits and breathed some life into those who had been suffering the effects of the sea. Then we clewed up the Topsail (put away the square sail) before tacking the ship (turning the bow through the wind) three times prior to proceeding into the sheltered anchorage of Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island. After the ship safely had her anchor cable the Youth Crew then layed aloft to consolidate climbing and both sea-furled and cast loose gaskets on the square and main sails prior to proceeding to dinner for another feast by Chef Adrian. With full stomachs the Youth Crew then received a brief from the Navigator Joel prior to settling into anchor watches overnight. The intention is to remain at anchor overnight prior to exploring Magnetic Island tomorrow. Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Damien


19° 6' South / 146° 51' East


Wind SE 15 knots, Temp 22 degrees, Swell SE 2m, Barometer 1020, Sky Overcast