Captain's Log
V16/18 Airlie Beach to Gladstone
9 December 2018

Day 3 – Hugging a tree

Ahoy there, dear readers. We now find ourselves at the end of another smashing day, sailing amongst the magical, Whitsunday archipelago. Currently beating into the wind – southbound – we will tack more than once tonight. Our plan is to arrive at Brampton Island before lunch. Please find below a personal account of the day’s proceedings by Hal, Lillie and Ruby. Enjoy:
“To start the morning off right, White watch was on from 2000 to 0000. White watch took over from red watch who exerted excellent command of the vessel. White watch furled the mainsail, jib and the forestaysail, and all went to plan. This was all in preparation for the voyage down to Whitehaven beach. Blue watch took control of the vessel after white watch from 0000hrs to 0400hrs. Group members rotated around taking control of the helm and doing hourly rounds. Rounds consisted of recording the air and water temp, sea conditions, engineering checks and refrigeration checks. Blue watch navigated off a bearing into the wind. Vessels engines were in use for this section of the voyage. Red watch followed after blue watch until 0800hrs. Breakfast was only shared by a few of us due to sea sickness. 0900hrs was the days brief, run by Tug. After the days brief it was Happy Hour, where each person was assigned an area to make clean and spotless, the sections were divvied up into the Forward, the Café and the Aft. Those who had the Forward cleaned the 12 Berth (the guy’s quarters) and the hallway leading up, those for the Café cleaned the Galley where we eat and those in the Aft cleaned the Bridge and the Staff Crews quarters. During this time the vessel was on course to Whitehaven Beach, and was planning to anchor at 1030hrs. Hopes were high at this point as the promise of land was too great.
After anchoring, the seaboat was lowered and the first group was off to the beach! We got to enjoy the beach, waters and walking trails until 1200hrs when lunch was personally delivered. Lunch consisted of wraps and poppers. We started to make our way back to the boat at 1300hrs; it was devastating to leave the pristine promised land for the deck of the Young Endeavour. As general, sea sickness has been the only let down for this adventure. The day continued with Rope Races which Tug described it as non-competitive but competitive games that will last for the voyage and have an excellent prize for the best watch. After Horto conducted the Rope Races we had Brad go through some sailing etiquette in preparation for the all important Command Day. The number one rule is to not hit anything, which sounds easy. We had simulations to run through to practice, like who gives way to whom and what manners and good seamanship looks like.
The Cheffo (Zac) had had a nice surprise for the youthies by setting up some biscuits and flavoured milk; they disappeared like sweets in a lolly shop. The Youthies had time to chill and such until 1630hrs when the anchors were bought up by the crew with the youthie’s assistance and the sails set for the continuing journey. Dinner was a good affair with pork Quesada’s and green Thai curry on offer with passionfruit cheesecake for dessert and some youthies still had green faces and were on side in preparation. It then was business as usual with Watches through the night. White watch to start it off from 1800hrs to 2000hrs, then cycling through the watches until tomorrow morning.
Blue watch has relieved white watch at 2000hrs. Matthew was the most grateful for land today, and showed this by doing a few swimming laps up and down the beach. Jordan has kept himself busy with running from the galley to the deck every 20 minutes due to sea sickness. The rest of us seem to be holding up quite well, a few queasy stomachs here and there however are becoming the norm.” Shout-outs:
Hal: “Love you all at home, don’t try to miss me too much…”. Ruby: “Love you guys, ill be home soon”. Maddy: “Having lots of fun and learning heaps, love and miss you guys at home”.


20 17.4 S / 149 12.6 E


Wind: 120 @ 20 Weather: Fine Swell: 110 @ 0.5m Temp: 22