Captain's Log
V17/18 Gladstone to Brisbane
25 September 2018

Day 3 – Great Keppel Island and Tree Hugging

Ahoy Shippers, and welcome to day 3. Firstly…apologies for some errors in the last few logs…we are definitely not conducting Voyage 18/16 and are not somewhere between Exmouth and Fremantle…I hope! Let’s put it down to technology not playing the game!…But on to today. After a bouncy (not rough) overnight transit we came to anchor at Great Keppel Island around 1000 this morning…much to the joy of quite a number of the crew. After a snappy hour, an informative ‘Rules of the Road’ brief from Watch Officer Adam, and a delicious lunch, the Youth Crew were ferried ashore for some much needed time on terra firma and some tree hugging. A few intrepid souls trecked around to the resort area for some refreshments, whilst others swam or just enjoyed the fact that the earth wasn’t moving. On return to the ship we had our first ‘teak deck BBQ’ of the voyage and then rolled into 3 way talks, where we get to know a bit more about each of the Youth Crew. On completion James gave his ‘Anchor Watch’ brief as the Youth Crew will be assisting with keeping the ship safe overnight, and then all were encouraged to head to their bunks for a good night sleep. Tomorrow we depart for our next stop (weather dependent) at Heron Island. Until tomorrow I’ll bid you farewell and hand over to Monty, Claudia and Rohan…fair winds….Captain Kenny

Sup homies!! Here is today’s captain’s log brought to you from the three sickest people on this voyage (both the awesome kind and the vomit kind). Today started with the first 4 hour watch by the Red Watch crew, all went well we had some clear conditions overnight. Not everyone had the best sleep but everyone woke up ready and smiling for the new day. No thanks to the Red Watch singing their own lyrics to the tune of “If you like Pina Coladas” over the speakers.
We continued sailing towards Great Keppel Island where we anchored and went ashore for a couple hours for some much needed stable land beneath our feet. The challenge for today was ‘3 ways’. We were split up into groups of 3-4 and we each had to learn as much as we could about each other so when called upon after dinner we could give a quick speel about each other. Here’s the highlights reel;
– No one could remember how many siblings everyone had
– Every one likes the same movies *cough* Top Gun/Harry Potter *cough*
– Montell can rap the alphabet aerobics rap!
We had an awesome bbq dinner back on the Young Endeavour with some birthday cake thrown in for Montell’s 16th. Plus an epic game of ‘Save or Kill’, turns out Ed Sheeran vs country Taylor Swift is a tough choice. Before bed we were briefed by Bags for Anchor Watches tonight. We are anchored tonight just off the coast of Great Keppel Island before we sail on tomorrow. It should be a pretty easy night ahead, assuming no one lets us drift into a reef or burn the ship down as we only have one hour watches tonight. Except Rohan, lucky guy gets first AND last watch.
The three of us have had a pretty rough past 24hrs but it’s starting to look up. Captain Kenny has had us repeat ‘I am cured’ over and over until we believe it. Attitude is everything apparently.


23 09s / 150 56e


Wind: SE at 10 knots Weather: Fine and Clear Swell: Nil Location: At anchor Great Keppel Island