Captain's Log
13 May 2019

Day 3 – Fraser Coast, Confused Seas and 25-30 Knot Winds… and some Awesome Sailing!

Ahoy shipmates…day 3…a bit bouncy with plenty of breeze. The strong south easterly winds have persisted overnight and during the day making for some outstanding sailing conditions. The confused seas caused by swells from two different directions have challenged the youth crew. To their credit they have soldiered on. As I write we are about to round Breaksea Spit at the top of Fraser Island and enter Hervey Bay. We are hopeful of a stop at Lady Musgrave Island tomorrow morning, dependent on the weather. If current conditions persist we will most likely press on to Great Keppel Island…tough I know…we are a bit spoilt for choice up here! The gang from Red Watch can fill you in on the details of todays activities so until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny———-

Captains Log
13 May 2019
Many woke up to a bright, lovely sky along with empty stomachs due to the parade of overboard hurling the night before; bananas became a sacred snack as not only did they taste good going down, but even better coming up… (BANANA SMOOTHIES ALL ROUND). Although the morning started off on a rough note, most of the youthies overcame their sickness during the regular briefing, however not as enthusiastic as the morning before. Happy hour was not one of the happiest this morning, as many struggled with nausea while cleaning below deck. Though as day broke, many stood strong and continued setting and furling the sails in command of the wind, while others diligently remained on watch to ensure we did not visit the titanic. Spirits were lifted after lunch with wraps and toasties, followed by Reggie’s thrilling game of Rope Races. With the waves gradually picking up during the day, a few youthies stepped out of their comfort zones and decided to climb up the loft during the choppy seas, providing an exhilarating experience. The day continued with Tracey’s short navigation brief, which will be expanded on during tonight’s watches. The youthies were then given a few hours to clean up their living spaces, including dirty laundry and much needed showers, before Marcus’ master chef meals of baked salmon or carbonara ravioli with the latter being the most popular as it was easier to hold down.
Attempting to write this is a task in its own with the chair sliding backwards and forwards with the swell, pushing my chair away from the sole laptop aboard.
We have been out in pitch black changing the main sails in 30 knot winds which was of much excitement. We had crew members slipping left right and centre on the sea soaked deck whilst trying not to lose our fingers in the ropes to the strong winds. This is far more excitement than I could have ever conceived of having on a Monday night!
We are looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight as most of us have finally gotten over our sea-sickness. To help with the sickness we recommend white bread, banana’s, the occasional apple and ginger nut biscuits 
We have already learnt so much as a team – we can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip will entail…Harri, Cameron and Jess (Red Watch)


24 25s / 153 22e


Wind: ESE at 22 knots Weather: Overcast and Squalls Sea: Moderate Course: 339 Speed: 7 knots Location: Just to the NE of Fraser Island