Captain's Log
V09/21 Cairns to Airlie Beach
12 August 2021

Day 3 – Chillin in Stonehaven

Some started the the day off at 0100, some at 0330, some at 0500. This was when the watches began. We each, in duos commenced the day by keeping an eye on the anchor, and making sure everything was all in tact. But for all, 0630 was when the day actually started, by playing a quick game of ‘évolution’. From being an egg, to a chicken, to a crocodile and then to a power ranger, whilst jamming to dua lipa. This is when we went to the bridge then salty suddenly appeared greeting us with a story about [nautical parlance]. Pankcakes, maplesyrup and fruit was how we stayed this prepared us for the day.

Happy hour came yet again, cleaning, scrubbing and mopping 🙁 after happy hour Tori (the Navigator) explained how to locate the ship and how to navigate. Tori, the artist that she is creatively drew us a map of the Hook island bay, enlarging the map to human size scaling. With that we’re almost certain that Captain Charlie Farley can put his full trust in us 😉 (just kidding not yet). From yesterdays all day workout I’m pretty sure we deserved the time to chill today. This is where the UNO and Spoons championship began! More competitve games began with ‘moi moi’ where six people were fished with an Allens snake.

SNORKEL TIME!!! Hook islands secluded beach created a perfect little vacay off the ship for the first time. We dived deep into the snorkeling, and of course we found nemo! Sightings of Salty were reported on the dinghy back to the YE. The showers later, were like a gift away from home. Taco Tuesday but on a Thursday was brought to us by the famous Keely! Yum yum! Earlier on we were given the two way and tree way talk task. Where throughout the day we had to find some quick info out about our buddies which, we then presented in front of everyone (pretending to be our buddy). High five to us for remembering and putting on a good performance for the staffies and youthies. Early rest, bed time and watches for the night ahead, as we’ve been warned about the long hard day offshore tomorrow.

Missing you all from home, lots of love, Elijah and Abi signing out. peace out!


20 05.1 S / 148 54.1 S


Wind: SSE @ 10-15. Temp: 19. Swell: Nil. Weater: Passing showers.