Captain's Log
V02/19 Melbourne to Sydney
19 January 2019

Day 3 – Bass Strait and Refuge Cove

Ahoy Shipmates…welcome to Day 3. After a lumpy overnight transit around Wilsons Promontory (and a vist from the dreaded green goblin) we found some respite in the picturesque Refuge Cove, much to the delight of the Youth Crew. I will leave it to them to elaborate. As I write we have departed our anchorage and are now motorsailing with square sails set past the Bass Strait Gas and Oil Rigs headed for our next stop in Eden. Thats it for me…fair winds…Captain Kenny

Day 3 – Refuge Cove
After a busy and exhausting first night of watches, sleep was hard to come by on the rocky swells of Bass Strait. Yet for the second morning in a row, we were woken by a good tune and the beautiful sound of Guv’s voice informing us to be up on decks in 5 minutes. Luckily white watch was allowed a sleep in! Master Chef of the seas, Zac, cooked up a breakfast bonanza complete with bacon, eggs, hash browns and various pastries which allowed for an enthusiastic start to our day.
Unfortunately the rough seas weren’t just tough on our sleep schedule, our stomachs suffered too. Almost all of our youth crew have been sick since leaving Port Phillip Bay, with only a few strong stomachs holding on. It seems as if everyone has gained their sea legs now and are set to harbour (no pun intended) every opportunity thrown their way.
During our morning brief, Guv talked about the importance of keeping a clean ship, especially our racks and a rough plan for the day. Following this, we were graced by the legend himself ‘Salty the Sea Dog” who continued the story of William Buckley and his amazing sea adventures. Our ship maintained its course for Refuge cove while we took up our cleaning stations in ‘Happy Hour’.
After a beautiful lunch of Chorizo Beef ravioli (5 stars Zac, absolutely beaut), Practicing our setting and furling of sails and taking in the amazing scenery of Wilson’s Promontory, we arrived at our beautiful destination, Refuge Cove. This little bay is where we anchored for a few hours to relax, swim, hug a tree (Guv’s suggestion for the sick folk) and learn as much as we could about each other as we would be reporting back to the group back onboard. Most youthies braved the chilly but crystal clear waters.
Back onboard, we had a nice, ‘non-competitive’ game of Rope Races, where one youthie from each watch must identify a safety feature of the STS Young Endeavour before the others do to win points towards a mysterious prize to be revealed later.
Another cracking dinner of Beef Stroganoff and Grilled chicken fuelled our minds to present all the information learnt about one another ashore. Groups of three took turns in presenting their facts then playing charades to guess favourite movies, television shows and books. Some very interesting miming was going on, including an impression of Leonardo DeCaprio!
It was then time to settle into watches, two going to bed and one watch saying up to watch the ship until midnight where we will swap over.
All in all, the past two days have been hard, scary, rocky and tiring, but it has been an amazing start to a wonderful adventure. We are beginning to work as a unit and appreciate the people around us. We are also building strong friendships and gaining extensive sailing knowledge, and will continue to do so for the remained of the voyage to Sydney!
Love to home from everyone onboard! (shout out to my parents Megan and Adam)
Annie McDonald, White Watch.


38 58s / 146 53e


Wind: SW at 11 knots Weather: Fine Swell: SW at 1.0m Course: 080T Speed: 6 knots