Captain's Log
27 April 2014

Day 3 – At sea in Capricornia Is Group

G’day Shipmates,The ship remained at sea overnight making way northwards up the Capricorn Coast towards Great Keppel Island. The Youth Crew each kept their first night watch last night, which means they were awake for 4 hours during the night, keeping the ship safe. The watches got the opportunity to set and furl some sails during their overnight watches in the light South-Easterly conditions.Red Watch woke us at 0700 with a song they had written themselves to the tune of ‘Lion King’, Dougy their Watch Leader’s favourite (not really!). Staffies anchored the Ship north of Great Keppel Island just after 0800. We then had a quick Morning Brief, after which we put the youthies ashore for a couple of hours for a walk and a swim. Those few who had been suffering the ‘Mal-de-Mer’ were encouraged to use the Ship’s recommended remedy to ‘hug a tree!’The crew returned onboard by 1200 and after another of Haydo’s terrific lunches we weighed anchor and resumed our passage north. Once clear of the anchorage we exercised at man-overboard which is aimed at ensuring everyone reacts properly to an emergency, going to the right place so we can account for everyone. Marty donned his ‘swimmer of the watch’ gear and, once I had manoeuvred the Ship alongside the lifebuoy, entered the water and recovered the ‘man’. This was a successful exercise and we were able to account for everyone quite quickly.In the afternoon, following a solid ‘happy hour’ (cleaning the Ship), we set all three square sails and the Fisherman’s Staysail, a sail we had not set for a while. We had achieved having all possible fore-and-aft sails and all three squares set, which is known as ‘a full press of sail.’I expect the 10 – 15 knot SE trades to continue overnight as we travel up the QLD coast towards our next destination, the Percy Island Group. The youthies will continue consolidation of their watch-on-deck skills through the night.Yours, ayeCAPT Mike “ 


22° 32' South / 151° 5' East


Weather: fine, Wind: SE at 15 kts, Sea State: 3, Swell: easterly at 0.5 m, Temp: 24 deg. C