Captain's Log
25 November 2010

Day 3 – At Anchor Robe

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 3 of our voyage. Overnight the conditions remained light and variable and we were forced to motor sail under fore and aft sail. By sunrise this morning the wind had freshened to 13kts but had also backed to the south which again prevented us from shutting down engines. During the day we continued with the training program, completing a very informative navigation brief then introducing the Youth Crew to their first round of ���semi’ competitive rope races (this activity is designed to encourage the Youth Crew to learn were all of the lines and safety equipment is located on the ship). At 1515 we were located 5nm to the SW of our planned anchorage at Guichen Bay, so all sail was handed in and we proceeded to anchor just of the picturesque fishing township of Robe. Once at anchor the Youth Crew were given some well deserved down-time then following another magnificent dinner we conducted an entertaining session of three way talks (communication and public speaking exercise). To complete the evening’s activities the Watch Leaders took their watches aloft so that they could witness a spectacular sunset over Guichen Bay.The time is now 2100 and once everyone is down from the mast we will settle into anchor watches for the evening so that we all can enjoy a good nights rest at anchor.From Chad to his lovely wife Carol have a wonderful Birthday! Love you xxxUntil tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


37° 9' South / 139° 9' East


Currently at anchor at Robe and enjoying light SE winds with nil swell