Captain's Log
21 August 2010

Day 3 Another Great Day At Sea

Hi everyone, Overnight the wind freshened and the ship continued to make good progress to the south, sailing close hauled under a sail plan of fore and aft sails. Unfortunately this only lasted for a few hours before the wind once again abated and we were forced to utilise main engines. Throughout the night the Youth Crew remained immersed in the challenge of sailing a tall ship each completing a busy four hour night watch which entailed conducting helm duties, keeping a good lookout for other vessels, engineering rounds and climbing aloft.At morning brief this morning we were located 16nm to the south east of Cape Upstart sailing on a port tack under fore and aft sails. Thankfully the wind had freshened to 15kts during the morning watch so we were now enjoying some pleasant sailing. During the morning the Youth Crew were kept busy with cleaning stations and an informative Rule of the Road presentation given by Joel the Boats Officer. Early afternoon saw us complete the first round of the hotly contested ���Rope Races’ which was followed by Kenny the Navigators brief on the intricacies of maritime navigation. As the rest of the afternoon was free the Youth Crew were given some much needed down time so that they could sit out on the bow sprite, climb the mast with their Watch Leader or just enjoy the experience of being at sea on a Tall Ship.Following another one of Chads amazing dinners this evening the Ship was called to tacking stations and we completed our first night tack of the voyage. The time is now 2000 and the Youth Crew have now settled into their watches for the evening. Overnight they will continue to consolidate their newly found navigation and sailing skills whilst we continue to make ground towards the Whitsunday Islands. Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


19° 56' South / 148° 33' East


Currently located 3nm to the NE of Gloucester Island and experiencing light - moderate SE winds with .5m swell. Current temperature is a very pleasant 24 degrees