Captain's Log
V14/19 Newcastle to Eden
19 November 2019

Day 3 – A Day Under Sail…and Dolphins, Seals and Sharks!

Ahoy shipmates…Day 3…a magnificent day under sail! After a testing start to the night, conditions eased overnight…much to the joy of a number of youth crew. As alluded to by the girls below, it’s been a busy day. It kicked off with an interesting wakey wakey from radio blue watch, followed by breakfast, morning brief, a navigation brief from Jerome and happy hour…all before lunch. After lunch it was round 1 of ‘rope races’ was held, testing the youth crew’s knowledge, followed by some sail handling and climbing practice, before Tracey gave the ‘rules of the road’ (at sea)brief. It was then time for our first set of tacks for the voyage, making sure everyone was aware of their alloted positions. After 4 tacks and a wear in near perfect conditions…sunny with 15 knots from the north east, we settled into watches for the night, enjoying a spectacular sunset before wearing ship once more to head back towards the coast (currently 50 miles to the east). A southerly change is expected overnight which should push us back to the west under sail. That’s about it for now, I’ll hand you over to Sam and Jess for more detail. Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.———-Hi it’s Sam and Jess from Red Watch on day 3. A beautiful morning this morning, sun was shining and water was calm. Another busy day today on the high seas learning how to tack the ship, how to navigate and the road rules of the sea. We had to turn the ship around to face the wind and then adjust the sails accordingly. Our team work skills were tested and there was a bit of passionate yelling from one end of the ship to the other. We saw what we first thought was a shark but thankfully it was a seal flopping about, a couple of unconfirmed whale and dolphin sightings too. Also have to mention non-competitive ropes competition where we were tested on ship safety. Although won by the white watch group (much to our dismay) not all is lost, we will be brushing up on our knowledge before tomorrow’s non-competitive competition. Ended the day with a sunset dinner of salmon, pasta and veges, and the boys brought the guitar up on deck for a bit of a sing-a-long. Definitely a 5 star meal.
Reports of sea sickness have also died down since last night (a huge relief) but a couple of us are still finding our sea legs. Water’s been a bit rough these past few days (makes sleeping on the top bunk a challenge) but it looks like we’re expecting a bit of clear weather. Sun’s still shinning and smiles all round
Quick shout out to the farmers, hope there’s a bit of water and the fires are under control and to Clan Preston in Canberra 
And a joke to end: What’s the best thing about Switzerland? I don’t know but the flag’s a big plus


34 03s / 152 04e


Wind: NE at 6 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Calm Course: 339 Speed: 2 knots Location: 50 nm east of Broken Bay