Captain's Log
V20/18 Sydney to Sydney
12 November 2018

Day 3 – A Day Under Sail

Ahoy Shipmates…Day 3, a day spent under sail, including square sails! Overnight we made ground to the north, with the wind picking up to 16 knots just after midnight enabling us to shut down engines and sail…much more peaceful. Overnight the Youth Crew were introduced to the watch on deck routine, did some climbing, and generally enjoyed a pleasant night at sea. Grey skies once again greeted us as we rolled through breakfast, morning brief and happy hour. Mid morning Sailmaster James gave the square sail brief after which we set the top gallant and topsail. After lunch we conducted the first round of rope races…a competitive/non competitive activity designed to test the Youth Crew knowledge. Some down time followed and at 1500 I gave the sail theory brief, providing some insight on how to sail a tall ship. Another delicious dinner followed and we are now about 35 miles to the east of Newcastle. Overnight the Youth Crew will consolidate new found skills before we make our way into Nelsons Bay late morning tomorrow. Those suffering from sea sickness will no doubt look forward to some time on dry land! Good news is that a couple of white watch members felt well enough to give their version of events so I’ll sign off here…fair winds…Captain Kenny…-…Today’s journey on the young endeavour involved an early start climbing the main mast, to release the square sails. This required heaps of teamwork and challenges because of the height and wind! Also, due to the nature of sailing a tall ship, there was sea sickness throughout the ship for the majority of the day.
Despite feeling unwell, we pushed through and accomplished setting the sails and furling the sails. We were taught the basics of sail theory from Captain Kenny and how to understand simple physics of a sail boat!
Chef Marcus has delivered amazing food so far “The best baked beans you’d every have ;)”. Currently sitting at the helm, heading towards Port Stephen’s for arrival tomorrow.
Until next time,
Elle and Ronan


33 01s / 152 54


Wind: S at 12 knots Swell: NE at 1.0m Weather: Overcast, humid, scattered showers Course: 065 Speed: 4 knots