Captain's Log
V16/19 Sydney to Hobart
28 December 2019

Day 3- 75th Sydney to Hobart…Hello Bass Strait!

Ahoy shipmates…welcome to Day 3, and Bass Strait. The weather Gods have been kind to us and overnight we had some fantastic downwind sailing under square sails. As I write, we are about half way across Bass Strait and making good time south. Our returnees have now all settled in like old hands, and the dreaded ‘green goblin’ has left the building…sea legs acquired! That’s about it from me, I’ll hand you over to Ash and Kate. Fair winds, Captain Kenny.———-
Captain’s Log Days 3
Today began with a beautiful, but rather out of tune rendition of ‘Love is all around us’ by Blue watch for wakey wakey. The swell and weather had really picked up overnight, and at times felt like riding a rollercoaster (sorry Marcus). Overnight we had all square sails up and the main staysail, and managed to get up to 10 knots at times, with wind gusts of around 25 knots. With this fine progress we have finally made it to Bass Strait and hoping conditions remain favorable for the next leg of the voyage. After being treated with a delightful breakfast of freshly made pastries and banana bread, we gathered for morning brief. We finally heard word of the race winner, and fingers crossed we can join them soon. Staff and youthies were also treated to a Salty performance, coordinated by Blue watch, about famous apples throughout history (featuring characters such as Adam and Eve, Isaac Newton and Steve Jobs), it was highly educational and 100% accurate. As for the ongoing game of assassins, we learned that half the crew had been murdered in the night, with the remaining half continuing to be vigilant/paranoid throughout the day. However by lunchtime, only staffies Marcus and Blake remained, who both somehow obtained ‘god status’ as they had both acquired their own pegs. After some intense rivalry, the winning title was finally claimed by Marcus in a spectacular show of stealth and agility.
While continuing our watches throughout the day, some of us also participated in multiple rounds of deck games (a challenge on a moving vessel). Who would have thought that a deck of cards, a few household items and a little bit of creativity could entertain 20 fully grown adults for hours on end. After another round of ‘brilliantly run’ rope races by Reggie (he paid us to say this) in the afternoon, Blue watch is finally in the lead, with the final challenge being to hoist 10 shoes above our watch leaders head. To keep the spirit of competition alive, Ivanka also hosted trivia to test the knowledge of our watches and the staffie’s. Well done white watch, you have earned your title of YE quiz masters.
As we are writing this the aroma of honey mustard chicken is wafting through the bridge, and we can barely contain ourselves. Looking forward to hopefully a smooth night, and some much needed sleep.

Until tomorrow,
Peace out
Ashly and Kate
Ps: shoutout to the Vu family


39 30s / 149 27e


Wind: SW at 17 knots Weather: Fine Sea: Moderate Course: 205 Speed: 7 knots Location: Bass Strait