Captain's Log
21 August 2022

Day 3 – V10/22

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Day 3 of our voyage. It’s been another action packed day with plenty of activities, numerous sightings of whales and dolphins and most importantly strengthening winds which have given us an opportunity to shut down engines and enjoy the peace and tranquility of sailing this majestic ship. That’s enough from me I will now handover to Sam and Charli to tell you all about our day. Until tomorrow, take care.

Captain Gav 


Ahoy there!

Overnight everyone completed their first watches, took the helm, kept lookout on port and starboard as we travelled past Noosa towards Fraser Island. The morning watch team and a few extras were lucky enough to see whales breaching, dolphins playing (rats of the sea) and could hear the whale’s song above deck! Breakfast brought good smells, high hopes and nausea to most. Happy hour was indeed the happiest hour of the day where we got everything ship shape. Blue watch had the chance to go aloft on the main mast to untie the main sail and prepare it for setting later that day. Following happy hour we went to our Navigation brief, where we were inundated with the world of Tori’s nautical navigation.

The afternoon was filled with learning how to set sails such as the topsail and mainsail before completing our first set of tacks and wears as a crew. One might argue that our Sail Masters navigational skills were put to test (needs work), along with the crew’s endurance.

The evening brought plenty of time to bond with card games such as Mau and Spoons. Dinner was delicious and night watches began…. Day 3 was a great success despite the levels of seasickness amongst the crew.

Sam & Charli



24 50.0 S / Long 153 37.9 E


Currently located 22nm to the SE of Sandy Cape which is the most northern point of Fraser Island (Kgarie) sailing under topsail and fore and aft sails and experiencing moderate 10-15kt ESE winds with a 1m ESE swell. The current temperature is 14 degrees.