Captain's Log
8 September 2022

Day 3 – Hugging trees in Seventeen Seventy

Ahoy dear readers, Day 3 of our 10 day adventure began with very tired Youth Crew from our late night watches. However, everyone was soon awake thanks to an amazing breakfast, shoutout to Jarod! Once our tummies were full and our minds were ready to work, we then turned to happy hour, which Sailmaster Matty was very impressed by our cleaning abilities.

When the ship was clean, we arose back to deck to prepare for anchorage at Seventeen-seventy. Not long after arrival, Chef Jarod whipped up a delicious teriyaki chicken with fried rice, before a busy afternoon out for the youthies. The sea boat was then launched and ‘Captain Cook, Of The Sea Boat’ (AKA Emma) completed many trips back and forth to land, dropping us to a secluded beach. We played many team games, such as beach volleyball, touch football, and dodgeball, bringing all the youthies and staffies a lot closer.

In between all the sports, a lot of relaxing, swimming and happy faces to be back on land, with us all trying to cope with sea legs. Once arrived back on board freezing cold, we were welcomed with fresh made jam drops. Yummy! Well deserved showers refreshed everyone before having dinner and a short rest.

And by short, we mean short, because Matty called us all up to midships for a game of ‘three way chats.’ This game allowed us to learn new interesting facts about each other. We then got into our anchor watch teams, and are looking forward to a long night ahead of watches. Thanks to Navigator Tori for being so trusting in us. We’ve got this!!

Shoutout to mum and dad, thankyou for giving me this opportunity. Love you xx Lucy
Shoutout to mum and dad, lots of love, but most of all Winnie. I miss you all <3 Sienna