Captain's Log
16 March 2006

Day 3

PAST 24 HOURSAfter consolidating all of the sail handling, setting and furling allthe fore-and-aft sails numerous times, it was time for a number oftacks. This was to ensure that our team would have a good grasp onwhat was required of them when we were clear of the protection ofPort Phillip Bay and out to sea. We did a number of tacks,manoeuvering the ship back and forth to ensure we could deal withany situation that came our way. After a good days work it was time to head into Mornington for thosewho were struggling to find their sea legs to get a little respite.Once ashore it was into a sports afternoon where some classical YoungEndeavour games were held. The Staff were as always very competitivein all disciplines. After a great afternoon ashore it was then time to return on boardfor a fantastic BBQ and the world famous three way talks. This iswhere each of members is asked to put themselves in someone elsesshoes and give their life story. As always it was well done, veryentertaining and lots of interesting truths and untruths came out.After a magnificent evening it was into anchor watches overnight.It was an early start this morning and with the the weather beingquite changable the only consistent thing over the last 24 hours is,when we needed wind for some quality sailing . . . there was none. So we headed out of Port Phillip bay with light and variable windsand very slight seas. Departing the RIP out of the Bay was a greatdeal of fun and we are eagerly awaiting some favourable winds.NAUTICAL TERM OF THE DAYLEECH: The after side or lee edge of a fore-and-aft sail and theouter edges of a square sail.YOURS AYEDION CURTISLIEUTENANT, RANCAPTAIN STS YOUNG ENDEAVOUR


38° 24' South / 144° 26' East


not much wind