Captain's Log
21 May 2015

Day 28 – Next Stop Gibraltar

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 28 of our voyage. Despite lighter conditions experienced today we have still made good speed and will arrive in Gibraltar at 1000 tomorrow morning.It really has been pleasant day her in the Mediterranean with clear skies, calm seas, pods of dolphins, Loggerhead turtles and enjoyable sailing. To give the World Voyagers something different to do this afternoon I gave them the Captains Challenge. This challenge involved them working together as a crew to put the Ship under a full press of sail, navigating to a designated waypoint then tacking/wearing the Ship and all to be achieved in 90 minutes without any assistance from any of the Staff Crew.  This they completed with minimum fuss and in the required time which was extremely pleasing and just shows how much these World Voyagers have learnt since joining the Ship.Tonight we are back to Pink Watch writing the Log so please enjoy reading about today’s activities written by Ali and Ann. Enjoy!As we arrive in Gibraltar tomorrow we will not put out another Log until our departure on Wednesday 27th May 2015Until our next Log, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log: 21 May 15Good Morning!Happy birthday Ailesh! Hope you enjoyed sailing into another year!  Once again the weather gods have been kind to us and bestowed calm seas, increasing sunshine, a quick shower to clean the ship and mostly good sailing winds. Pinkies kicked off the day with Guts Watch along the south coast of Spain in the Sea of Alboran. In the early hours of the morning, Salty took us a through a case study of an incident involving a yacht and a merchant vessel, highlighting the importance of watch look outs and radar use. For the remainder of the watch, Pinkies kept a sharp eye when not eating toast or drinking tea. There were plenty of lighthouses along the coast. We learnt from the charts how to identify individual lighthouses according to the timing and number of flashes observed.Morale onboard was boosted considerably after morning brief when Salty, Cheeky Jack and the Bosun demonstrated the three typical punishments handed out for naughty behaviour in the old sailing days. With these punishments in mind, an extremely thorough cleaning job was done during happy hour today.We were then treated to the audio visual presentation from Dr Karl on celestial navigation and a few hot tips for Floral Friday – what a shirt! Some crewies took the opportunity to dream about the stars while others watch and listened intensely. We now look forward to using our theoretical knowledge and busting out the sextant to sail by the stars after Gilbraltar.  Jenko and the Masterchefs provided another stellar lunch. Those not on watch, were able to have a siesta in preparation for the afternoon activities including ropeys and the Captains Challenge!!  Captain Gav decided it was time to see what the crewies were made of. Our challenge, if we chose to accept, was to set as many sails as possible and reach waypoint Geronimo approx 5 nautical miles from our current location in less than 90 minutes. Firstly we needed to get a fix on our current location, assign someone to helm and set a course for waypoint Geronimo. The crewies took to it like ducks to water and in no time had set some sails and were headed in the right direction. This is where the weather gods let us a down and the wind dropped, reducing our speed considerably as we weren\’t able to use engines. 10 out of 10 effort from everyone on board saw us narrowly miss our waypoint by 250 metres even with eight of the ten sails set. We took some important lessons about communication, team work, navigation and the importance of knowing rules of the road (sea). This will all help us come Command day later on in the voyage.  Jenko, Marcos and the Masterchefs created an impressive masterpiece for dessert to celebrate Ailesh\’s Birthday; it was thoroughly enjoyed and devoured by everyone. Marcos then treated us to an interesting array of trival questions (cough, cough). We split into our original watches and with the help from some staffies, battled through the somewhat obscure questions. It was no surprise that again the Blue-ies snatched the win!! Some key lessons were learned during trivia, 1: do not stick chewing gum on your nose if you wish to visit Somalia, 2: if planning to plough cotton fields in North Carolina cross elephants off your list of animals to use to pull the plough.  Tomorrow we\’re due to arrive in Gilbraltar. Everyone on board is quite excited to see the famous Rock of Gilbraltar, venture into Southern Spain and eat some delicious tapas. Thanks to the Mediterranean Sea for putting on such lovely weather, we\’ll all be back at some stage. We\’re are looking forward to the possible challenges that the North Atlantic Ocean may throw at us and practicing our whale speak.  Over and out for now, Ali and Ann  Good Morning! I think I found my sea legs. Yay! Hope all is well. Ciao Ann  Jusie Bugs we saw some turtles today!! Missing you all heaps! Love Al  Hopefully going to chase a wave in Spain or Portugal. I\’ll think of you. Jacob x  Hi all, all going well! Am excited to venture into the South of Spain- a pretty sweet surprise! Working up my tan in the Med. Hope all in 2/3 Crowden is still happy and going well! Has Miss Crowden told you the surprise for June yet? I\’m a bit jealous I won\’t be there! Also Adventure Ted has had some pretty fun adventures, helming, taking a fix (finding where we are)! Have fun love Miss Murfet xx   “ 


36° 16' North / 4° 5' West


Currently located 60nm to the NE of Gibraltar and enjoying light ESE winds with a .5m ESE swell. Current speed is 7kts and temperature is 19 degrees.