Captain's Log
15 March 2015

Day 28 – A Modified Sunday Sea

Ahoy shipmates Welcome to the chaos of Ship\’s Assassin on the high seas…but I\’ll leave it to Vic and Jezza to explain more below.  Conditions eased overnight and as people were finally able to get some decent sleep, we once again let them all have a lie in.  Maybe I\’m getting soft in my old age…but it proved to be a very popular decision.  With the movement of the ship becoming less violent things (and people) are returning to normal.  Gone is the bouncing off the bulkheads, falling out of racks (bunks), literally feeling like a pinball…and importantly the seasickness that once again reared its ugly head.  Faces are smiling and everyone is eating…and eating…and eating (Julie).   As detailed below it has been a highly entertaining and amusing day.  After two kills, I myself was assassinated…far less stressful now.  The shenanigans continue with alliances and devious plots a many.  Voyage wise we continue to make our way to the north east.  The wind and swell have reduced however we are still taking it on the nose.  Currently motor sailing achieving a speed of 6-7 knots on a course of 030. We have approximately 470nm to go and fingers are crossed for an on time arrival in Tenerife…not holding our breath though for the weather gods have conspired against too many times thus far…but we\’re looking good at the moment.  Til tomorrow.  Stay safe  Captain Kenny     Arrr good day to all you groovers following the Young Endeavours epic journey across the Atlantic. Here Jezzalingo and Vicco write the tales of day 28 aboard this magnificent vessel.Starboard watch began with 0800-1200. The weather has taken a turn for the better with the swell decreasing and the lads in the 12 berth no longer having leaking issues (thanks to Vinny & Shaun with their creative ingenuity). The day kicked off with delightful smells wafting from the galley with all the crew on watch keen to investigate. To our joy we found Jam centred cookies fresh baked “snickerdoodles” as they are colloquially known. Being the only crew alive (awake) in the morning we all got to sample Aarons freshly baked goodies. The sugar content of these treats may have been a contributing factor to our impromptu dance party on the bridge, such jolly sailers for a day of death. A slightly modified Sunday sea ensured that happy hour was completed and our robust home is kept hygienically clean.  Ships assassin began at midnight and so, let the odds be ever in your favour. Let me briefly explain to you all about the rules of this cryptic game. So you where given a person, methodology and weapon. The only place of solace is your 6 foot long rack. Feelings of anxiety, paranoia and terror fill the ship, great changes in dynamics are occurring as we see devious and competitive plans unfolding. Sweet Eva started early on; Eden in the engine room with a Jacket… Lauren soon formed an alliance with fellow crew but did not survive dinner… Bridget also fell into a trap, being too polite she picked up the murder weapon from me (Jez) with a hand full of brews only to find that weapon would take her life. Gav also suffered the same fate from Cassie, returning her dropped sunglasses he was slain early on. Taffy held out most of the day but alas, sneakily with a spoon, he was done for. Cassie was barbaricly a-‘salted’ in the engine room by vicious Vic, cunningly assisted by Robbie. Some would say that ‘betrayal’ is an understatement. It was quite the spectacle to see the fear-stricken crew.  Uckers tournament has kicked off in the café this arvo, also chess and 500 game have begun to keep the crew all well amused. Today saw some Guinness World records smashed with Clare and Teddo completing lunch cleano’s in a total of 26minutes; Sian and myself (Jezzzzzaaa) topped the fastest galley cleaning time on record under Aarons reign, in a whopping 18minutes for dinner. Killing it!  A highlight for the day Ronald had the remarkable moment of watching a turtle drift by as he climbed aloft with Tom, the Atlantic never ceases to amaze!  As we sit here, journaling today’s events, I Jeezza was tragically murdered… we are unaware of full details but all is know it involved a mop and a ‘sweet little girl’ named Fliss. Feeling uneasy we speedily document to return to the logistics of the all too complex game of SHIPS ASSASSIN! aahH!Over and out. Watch your back, REDRUM.Vicco & Jezzalingo (RIP) From starboard watch  Peace outRhian with love from the crew of STS young endeavour, Aaron shaved ‘most’ of his beard today, we know how much you will appreciate this  PS – Special hello to Pa, I hope you are recovering well. To Kez, happy packing! And to Aleka, Cooper and Aidan, the coolest kids in Bairnsdale! I have seen dolphins swimming next to the boat, even cute little baby ones! I hope you are having fun at school. Love Nic xox  Pss- Oi westbury’s missing you lot. Will be in Teneriffe in a few nights time, will talk then. LOVE xx  Psss. Love you Guys so much Love Jezza          “ 


25° 2' North / 24° 4' West


Wind: 045/08kts Weather: Mostly overcast Sea State: 3 Swell: NE at 1-2m\r\nVisibility: Good Barometer: 1019HPA rising Temperature: 21 degrees