Captain's Log
3 August 2015

Day 21 – Sunday Sea Routine

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 21 of our voyage. Today we ran a Sunday Sea Routine which gave all of us a chance to have a well deserved rest following an extremely successful Command Day. Regrettably the weather gods have not been so kind during the past 24hrs and we continue to fight against strong NNE winds and the Cape Verde Current. This has slowed our boat speed down to less than 5kts and has delayed our arrival in Mindelo by 24hrs, but that’s the challenge of sailing. The current weather conditions are due to moderate tomorrow so hopefully we will make the final 130nm required to reach Mindelo by our revised berthing time of 0900 Tuesday 10 March. Tonight Luke volunteered his services to write Captains Log so please enjoy his take on todays activities.Until tomorrow, take care  Yours AyeCaptain Gav  CAPTAINS LOG 08 MAR 15Hello Voyage followers and welcome to yet another instalment of captains log. I Luke Corbett will be your host for this morning/evening.Our day kicked off this morning with the usual levels of fatigue, fuelled by the overnight watches and our typically unwise choices of late night games and chats. I myself am suffering from a late night “dnm” with Ronald but always worthwhile none the less.Everyone enjoyed yet another “Sunday Sea” rewarding everyone with duties (apart from watches) the morning off. The Reddies (my watch) being one of the earlier watches (8-12am). It was a fairly slow start to the day as we just had experienced the exhilarating “Command day” the previous morning. I know the hard work took its toll on me when my cereal leaped onto the floor from the bench. Luckily my reflexes kicked in before loosing the whole bowl. Roll of the ship I say, as we commonly blame.Since Command day, the swell has taken a turn for the worse, Battling refreshingly cold head winds and 12 berth awakening surges (the bow cabin). I heard the blues had a tough time handling their morning guts watch when furling the Topgallant Staysail. Ronald (a fellow reddie) had told that when he awoke from our usual toss and turning sleep he heard a shout from Vinny. Blueys stand by to furl the Topgallant staysail, off turns. 2, 6, Ahhhhhhh. The blues had been knocked of there feet by a wave and the unforgiving wraith of Neptune, no injuries and all laughed about it afterwards.After lunch, we had a Command Day debrief exercise. Where we were divided into 3 groups to evaluate the good, the not so good, and what we could take away from the event. Robert said he was truly disappointed he couldn’t find the left over spaghetti in the fridge. However, on the other hand, we all were ultimately very pleased with our collaboration, as everyone was eager to lend a hand where they could. After Gav concluded the exercise with another heartfelt quote, he informed us we would arrive at Cape Verde 24 hours later than scheduled. Although this news didn’t seem to bother a soul as we were all having so much fun I think some of us forgot we had a destination.It’s always so fascinating having a whole crew of brains to pick, always learning new things and listening to the most amazing stories they all have to offer. However I always look forward to meeting with my fellow reddies on watch. It’s what I have learned to call home. As many other have become attached to there watches also. They always keep it interesting to be up on the bridge. One minute a few of us will be learning Vics bizarre childhood language where every vowel must be with oi. E.g. hoi oi yoi doi todoi. Translating to “How are you doing today”. The next may involve learning the various hair braiding techniques and when the moments quiet down, we bring out our best British accents, always bringing out a laugh or two.Our days are definitely the most distant thing from boring. I guess that’s why we are documenting it daily… could you imagine if we attempted a weekly recap? There are so many stories arising that when I was interrogating people about what to put in this log another tale was unfolding before my eyes in the cafe. Aaron (the chef) had challenged Travis to finish off the choc mousse with his hands bound. I heard that we almost caught another fish this morning! Eden told me that he was ready to gaff the Wahoo that Shaun was reeling in when the line snapped only meters from the boat! Oh well, I’m sure it wont be our last opportunity.All in all there’s nothing to complain about aboard the Young Endeavour. Each moment as profound as the last. Under 24 hours to go to the Verdes. But to be honest it is the last thing on my mind. Were all looking forward to having a great time in Mindelo, but for me? I’m just happy to spend another day at sea with the fellow crew. It’s been a pleasure documenting another spectacular day on the Atlantic Ocean. Can’t wait to get in touch with everyone at home as I’m sure we all are. Until next time all my love.Luke    “ 


14° 54' North / 26° 13' West


Currently located 130nm to the SW of Mindelo and experiencing strong NNE winds with an unpleasant 2m NNE swell. Current temperature is 19 degrees