Captain's Log
25 April 2015

Day 21/22 – Final Day of Passage Three

Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 21/22 of our voyage and the final Captains Log for Passage Three of Young Endeavour’s World Voyage. Firstly, I have to apologise for the delay in getting this log out but we have been experiencing some technical difficulties with our website which has been preventing me from being able to download anything onto our site.Since sailing from Sydney on the 22nd Dec 14 our mission has always been to reach Cannakale to participate in the Centenary of ANZAC and I am proud to say that this has been achieved.Sailing past ANZAC Cove during the Dawn Service as part of the International Sail Past was a moving experience and something that I will never forget and I am sure that our World Voyagers and Young Endeavour Staff feel exactly the same. It has been an emotional journey for those World Voyagers and Staff who lost relatives during the Gallipoli campaign and have now been able to visit Lone Pine and pay their respects at the graves of these brave family members. It is not until you visit the Gallipoli Peninsula that you realise the enormity of what the ANZAC’S were up against and it really does hit home how brave these soldiers were and the sacrifices they made and it is something that we should never forget.Sadly once we completed our International Sail Past and Dawn Service we had to return to Cannakale and farewell the World Voyagers of Passage Three. They really have been a great bunch of Young Australians and we have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this passage of the World Voyage with them. They all contributed greatly to ensuring that the Ship made it here safely from Cadiz and even through all the bad weather and engine issues they still kept a smile on their faces and retained that positive view that we would always make it on time to participate in all of Young Endeavours Centenary of ANZAC commitments.From all of the ‘Staffies’ of Young Endeavour we would like to thank you for your efforts throughout the voyage and wish you all the best for the future, we look forwarding to catching up with all of you once the Ship returns to Australia.Finally, before finishing this log I would personally like to thank the Turkish people whose warmth and friendship has been overwhelming since our arrival in Cannakale. You have gone out of you way to make sure that our visit was a success and your efforts have been most appreciated.Please find the final Captains Log for Young Endeavours World Voyage Passage Three jointly written by Jess, Cara and Dani. Please enjoy.Until next voyage, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavCaptains Log Day 21/22Well here we are, sitting in the captain’s cabin and reflecting on the last day of our voyage. It has been a very interesting few weeks, with rough weather, sea sickness, and remaining rubbery. There has been many up’s and down’s (literally) as we have all learnt how to climb aloft with confidence, set and furl sails, steer the ship, navigate the Mediterranean and most importantly have a great time doing it.Yesterday we came along side HMS Bulwark to attempt a refuel, unfortunately this failed and we had to abort the mission. On the upside, this gave the Youth Crew a chance to try and find Prince Harry and coax him out to the deck. This also failed. Instead we travelled to Lakseki to refuel and receive some supplies from the gracious HMAS ANZAC. We were able to use this opportunity to practice our communication skills that Jodie had taught us and we successfully made conversation with them using Morse code. Thanks again HMAS ANZAC for being patient with us, and to Jodie for sharing her mad skills.Before receiving the next voyagees, Youth Crew 03/15 got together for one of the last times in the café to watch an awesome slideshow that was put together by Andrew which perfectly summed up our time aboard the Young Endeavour. And a big thanks to Chook for the fantastic poem that she wrote for us.After a long night, we awoke this morning to the sights of 9 war ships lined up off the coast of Anzac Cove awaiting the commencement of the Dawn Service and the ceremonial sail pass, which we were lucky enough to be a part of. Emotions were running high, as we huddled at midship listening to the broadcast as we moved closer to the Gallipoli Peninsula. As dawn broke over the horizon, Captain Gav, Izzy and Tom laid a wreath in the water as we all stood and watched in silence. To be involved in such a monumental commemoration was overwhelming and is something that will stay with us forever.Sailing back through the Dardennelles to Cannakale, we went aloft and reflected on what it meant for us to be here today. As the warships and cruiseliners sailed passed us, we again practiced our morse code and semaphore skills with them. There was a sense of mateship amongst all vessels and it was great to see how far we have come in 100 years.Our final group activity had us all out of the yards singing Australian folk songs and the Nation Anthem as we sailed to the buoy in Cannakale harbour for the last time.A big shout out to the staffies for all their hard work and stress to get us here for the ANZAC Day commemorations, this wouldn’t have been possible without them. There were sometimes where we thought we would never make it here but due to their tireless efforts, we have made it to Turkey and embarked on a trip of a lifetime. Special mention to our amazing watch leaders, Shaun, Matt and Laura(en), thanks for putting up with our craziness at all hours of the night! You are all amazing. Captain Gav, Kenny and the rest of the crew, thanks for making this trip memorable and staying so positive and upbeat with minimal sleep and hard conditions. You have all made a positive impact on our lives and we will miss you.Today I felt honoured to stand on deck during the dawn service, wearing my great grandfather’s medals, as the Young Endeavour took part in a ceremonial sail pass of Anzac Cove. The air was still and silent as all on deck reflected on their personal connections to Gallipoli and WW1 in an effort to draw some kind of meaning from such a tragic campaign. Although we can never truly comprehend their lived experiences, meaning is found in the form and continuance of the Anzac spirit, as seen by the extent to which it has deeply affected all on board. It is with this sentiment that I leave you with a quote: ‘Etch a journey on your soul, scribed by your eyes.’ In loving memory of my great grandfather, Graeme Skews (14th Field Engineering Corp – AIF). Lest we forget.Yours Aye,Jess, Cara and Dani


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Currently at secured to a mooring in Cannakale Harbour and experiencing light and variable winds with nil swell."