Captain's Log
V15/18 Cairns to Airlie Beach
29 August 2018

Day 2 – Setting, Furling and Tacking

Ahoy Shipmates,

After a restful night at anchor at Fitzroy and another busy day for our intrepid mariners, we are now motorsailing in a southerly direction. The Youth Crew have eagerly embraced each challenge set for them and are coming together nicely. And good news…the green goblin (sea sickness) has already departed! (for now). I’ll hand you over to the girls for their take on todays activities.
Fair winds
Captain Kenny

V15/18 Youth Crew checking in, on a balmy evening sailing from Fitzroy Island to Hinchinbrook Island. We got the rare gift of a half-hour sleep in for our first morning on the ship today, after staying up well into the wee hours of the morning climbing aloft for the first time. Despite some initial apprehension, everybody made it to the topsail – we sang pirate songs and hung off the topsail like koalas, as we gazed at a glorious full moon! Then, this morning, after refuelling with some wholesome brekkie, we were called for Colours where we raised the flag and learnt that our staff crew is musically talented! Then we took up our happy hour stations, cleaning our respective sections immaculately. After hiding amongst the crew, Captain Safety emerged and talked about safety with the crew, while putting one of our shipmates in an orange sauna (thermal protective suit). We watched as the staff hauled up the anchor and I got to walk out to the very tip of the bow sprint to take the Australian National Flag down. As the ship started off again, we had rope safety demonstrations before a wrapped up lunch. We set and furled sails in our watches for the first time, putting the nautical jargon and rope skills we had learnt into practice. Then the crew got into their tacking activities and exercises which brought the entire ship together as one big team. Everyone got over their sea sickness, with the staff crew impressed by the energy we brought to all activities so far. Watches retreated back down to the Galley, mentally preparing themselves for their first night at sea, and taking on watch duties. And that’s all for day two – please excuse us, as we go to enjoy the views of island paradises and calm waters.
Hannah and Zahra


17 16s / 146 12e


Wind: ESE at 12 knots Weather: Fine - 20 degrees Swell: SE at 0.5 metres Course: 165 true Speed: 6 knots