Captain's Log
V02/20 Hobart to Melbourne
2 January 2020

Day 2 – Setting and Furling, Tacks…and Wet, Wet, Wet.

Ahoy shipmates, welcome to a wet Day 2. After a restful night at anchor, a 0630 wakey wakey had everyone up and about ready for a busy day. Josh and Tess have covered events below so I’ll be brief. As I write we are slowly making our way down Port Phillip in preparation for hitting Bass Strait tomorrow…may be a bit bouncy looking at the forecast…King Island here we come! Until tomorrow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.

Ahoy landlubbers. The youthies rose bright and early, beginning their first full day with Hello by Cat Empire, and walking a few rounds on the deck. Once all were up, the crew got stuck into more ice-breaker games, learning names and personal hobbies. After a few briefings, the youthies headed below deck for their first breakfast which did not disappoint! Everyone was spoiled with scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms, hash browns, and fresh fruit. Many agreed that such a treat certainly takes the edge off an early start.
After everyone’s hollow legs were filled, the youthies split into their watches to start activities. Red Watch climbed the foremast and later joined White and Blue on the basics of deck safety, emergency protocol and the basics of setting sails. With a taste of working the ship, the youthies were eager to start their journey.
After lunch, the youthies began to put their knowledge and into action. Working together, they demonstrated strong teamwork and resilience after successfully setting the Fore staysail , Jib, the Main staysail and Main sail, and executing a few sail tacks. A few youthies were still learning the ropes (after a few rookie errors) and discovered the importance of sailing gloves.
In classic Melbourne fashion, the youthies battled a few too many seasons than they bargained for, with the wind and the rain coming and going. Despite the weather challenge, the youthies carried on, and were treated to a BBQ style dinner. Not before long, the sails were set and the Young endeavor was once again filled with spirit – slicing through the sea in partial bloom, on our way to Adelaide. Shout out to White Watch friends and family from Josh and Tess!!


38 11s / 144 57e


Wind: S at 10 knots Weather: Showers Sea: Mild Course: 152 Speed: 4 knots Location: Port Phillip Bay