Captain's Log
V18/16 Exmouth (WA) to Fremantle (WA)
24 September 2018

Day 2 – Setting and Furling – and the Green Goblin!

Ahoy Shipnates,

We are at sea! After waking to a beautiful Gladstone morning at 0630 this morning, we conducted a quick game of ‘my name is and I love…’ to get to know each other a little better. It was then time for a hearty breakfast provided by Chef Marcus and showers in preparation for the big day ahead. At 0800 we conducted the traditional Colours Ceremony (raising of flags) accompanied by some enthusiastic singing of the National Anthem. It was then into ‘morning brief’ where Sailmaster Guv gave a rough outline of the day’s program, Engineer Horto explained his role onboard, and I congratulated them on the previous night’s efforts, giving an inspirational quote to motivate them for the challenges the day would bring! At 0830 we cast of lines and commenced the 3 hour transit out of Gladstone Harbour. During the transit the Youth Crew were introduced to the delights of ‘happy hour’ (cleaning stations), after which a detailed brief on the Ship’s safety equipment was provided by our resident safety expert, Brendon. With a bit of time before lunch, the watch leaders commenced the days major activity, introducing our intrepid sailors to the art of ‘setting and furling’ sails. After a delicious lunch we conducted the first round of the competitive/non competitive activity known as ‘rope races’, testing the Youth Crew’s knowledge of the safety equipment as briefed earlier. Once we cleared the harbour the wind and sea state had picked up, and the dreaded ‘green goblin’ reared it’s ugly head. To their credit, the Youth Crew soldiered on through Sailmaster Guv’s mainsail and square sail brief. We then set a full press of fore and aft sails and moved straight into a series of four tacks, testing the crew’s ability to tack (change direction) the Ship expeditiously…important noting we are inside the Great Barrier Reef. As we finished the wind increased to 20-25 knots making things a little bit bouncy. While it was fantastic for sailing, hitting 9 knots with a bit of tide assistance, there weren’t too many takers for dinner (bloody goblin!). We have settled into watches overnight and are aiming to anchor off the northern side of Great Keppel Island mid morning tomorrow. We’ll send the Youth Crew ashore to ‘hug a tree’, a sure fire remedy for sea sickness, and some beach games and swimming. Until tomorrow…fair winds…Captain Kenny


23 15 s / 151 32 e


Wind: Easterly at 20 knots Wx: Fine and Clear Swell: ESE at 1.5 m Course: 355 true Speed: 4 knots