Captain's Log
17 June 2014

Day 2 – Sailing The Whitsunday Passage

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 2 of our voyage. The Youth Crew awoke to a rather cold and overcast morning with passing showers, which to be honest was not the weather any of us had expected in the tropical Whitsunday’s. We kicked of the morning at 0630 with a “getting to know you exercise” followed by the normal huge Young Endeavour breakfast.At 0755 the Youth Crew were mustered on the port side of the bridge and introduced to the traditional ceremony of colours (raise flags and sing National Anthem) and morning brief. On completion it was straight into their first set of cleaning stations (Happy Hour) which was followed by a comprehensive safety equipment brief given by the Ships Safety Equipment Officer and Red Watch Leader ‘Dave’. To complete the morning’s activities the Youth Crew spent time with their Watch Leaders focusing on the safety procedures for setting and furling sails. At 1300 the anchor was weighed and once clear of our anchorage a course shaped for the Whitsunday Passage and the ship brought under sail for the first time for this voyage. By 1530 all of the Watch Leaders had reported that their watches could safely set and furl the majority of fore and aft sails and had been fully briefed on their tacking stations. On receiving this report the ship was called to tacking stations and in moderate to strong sailing conditions the Youth Crew successfully completed their first set of tacks as a crew. With these drills complete we altered course to the north and with the assistance of a 15-20kt south westerly continued our passage through the Whitsunday Passage. The time is now 1930 and we have just rounded the northern point of Hayman Island and have shaped a new course for the outer reef. Our current intentions are to remain at sea overnight so that the Youth Crew can settle into their sea watches and continue to develop their sailing skills. Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav


20° 0' South / 148° 51' East


Currently located 3nm to the NE of Hayman Island and am experiencing moderate 12-15kt SW winds with a 1m swell. Current temperature is 15 degrees.